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YOINS: Warmth

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Introducing to you this new online clothing store I've discovered, Yoins. Browse them and you'll find many catchy items like these spicy red dresses and women's tops I saw from their collection.

Here are the fashion dresses for women that I found sophisticated in their site. Check them out! Sometimes I try to play with bright colors during summer. Some think that wearing as bright as the red ones under the summer heat would make you feel hotter and sweaty but it's actually not. Maybe it's only psychological. Nevertheless, let's try to play with colors during the fun summer season. You can also click on the images here in this post to see my choice of reds.


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We recently had our yearly batch reunion and that sudden realization that we're actually celebrating our twenty years of friendship too! We were classmates since Kindergarten up to High School and at the same time, as for me or as for us, we were childhood friends too. We see each other at school for ten hours a day everyday in twelve long years, then growing up we all got separated from each other going to different colleges and then started working in different cities, others even migrated to different countries away from home. Having our own separate busy adult lives and meeting new people everywhere who became new friends in each of our lives yet we make sure to reunite at least once every single year. We all move forward to every life events but our friendship will always stay the same, full of crazy fun memories, burst of laughter, and even tampuhan (sudden sulking) which make our bond stronger. Taking the road to forever with them.

STYLEWE: Ruffled Up

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Woke up late and rushing to go to work? One-piece dresses like these are perfect for those times of panicking. Easy to wear, simple yet sophisticated as the cliche goes. You just have to pick the right details, the embroidery, the fabric of the dress when you're shopping. Stuck them on your closet and they'll be perfect for those panic times I've mentioned earlier. 


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We went to Taiwan for the second time this summer (oh it was still kinda winter there)  and yep we just saw glimpsed of Taipei we didn't really roamed around the city because we have still business schedules to do. Sad part is I didn't even have tons of scenery or city pictures to share here right now. The very first impression from our last year's trip is the less traffic, really no traffic jam and the streets are clean! If only it's the same here in Manila then we'll definitely have more productive works done for the day. You feel me?