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Guess what piece I'm restyling in this ensemble? If you can remember it, then :) And yeah, below this post is a nice song I'm liking now.



I miss everyone here, my dear readers and followers! I shall admit, with my nine hours six days a week work, got no time to blog and even visit my blog. And this really makes me feel sad and incomplete. Tried some ways to have time to shoot before I go to work but still...well because we have uniform and that's really a problem for me as a fashion blogger. I even hadn't made a post for this blog's two years anniversary. Does it count though? I don't even blog a lot this 2014. :(

Enough of this little drama, go on to this simple outfit but it's so chic. I got this crop top from MiNT Addict for only Php150 and it has a soft fabric! And the skirt? Ta---daa! Php50 from a thrift shop! You believe it? So, do you like the simple get-up too? (And oh sorry for not ironing the skirt, too lazy that day to haha). Thank you my friend G for taking these shots as always!



Currently being busy with office-to-house-to-office-to-house routine and barely even blog or read other blogs as I usually do before. Nevertheless, here's a quick post for tonight, this one-piece jumpsuit was so common back last summer I know you know right. Got this monthsss before from Romwe. When you don't know what to wear or how you'll make your #ootd effortlessly chic, go for prints like this. I didn't even accessorize just a pair of matching earrings and there you go. 



"And we'll never be royals. It don't run in our blood, that kind of luxe just ain't for us. We crave a different kind of buzz. Let me be your ruler, you can call me Queenly...oops hahaha! Okay being corny here. So moving on into this look with my current fave royal blue jeggings (I super love this pair of garterized pants, comfy-ness check!), you can say that it's a simple one and yes it is but still trying to bring some classy here with this nude mesh shirt with golden flowery stitches and what I love with it is the sleeves. Simply cute, ain't it? Accessorizing with golds (gold or gold-plated) gives that simple top and bottom look a bit of class and timeless and oh a pair of nude stilettos will do the thing! But for now, let me choose classic comfy and rock these flats on. 


Almost two months and I'm finally back on track!!! My heart is so happy to be able to blog again. And of course what I miss the most are my dear readers. Maybe because it's my first time to work plus I only have one day-off a week that's why I'm having hard time to adjust. I know, I know, I know, time management is all it takes! Really gonna give my best (not try my best). Also, feel so little motivation and encouragement lately...why oh why? Anyway, should be back to my inspired self!

So here's a refreshing outfit for you guys! Aside from turquoise, I also love mint. I remember there are some requests back then if I could post mint outfits so here it is. If you're a regular Smize With Style reader, you know this is my first time in crop top (as far as I remember hahaha but wait is this one counted?). I even got this mint short from Romwe just exactly on time to pair with my mint crop top from MiNT yay! I was thinking to finish it up with white sandals to tone down but completely chosen to wear these electric blue flats to add up more color aside from the orange accessories and oh that hair clip-in extension is just so cute and fun! Messy hair don't care for this post.


Did I make your mind go crazy thinking of this ensemble as tribal chic, edgy corporate attire, music fest fashion, or just simply modern casual? O'diba 4-in-1! When I saw this aztec bandage skirt hanging in a store, I didn't think twice and bought it without knowing how will I wear it. Plus it was just P150 together with the golden glittery blazer with the same prize. Such a steal yeah? It looks so fancy and now here is my modern tribal attire. Another look I wish I could wear in the office! Aaargh haha. So what do you think of it? 



          Inspired by the outfits of snsd in their comeback Mr. Mr. which is playing here in this post. Not a kpop fan? Scroll down and click that pause button. Sadly their comeback stage promotion has ended so early, been addicted to watching to all of their live performances and as much as I wanted to do a dance cover with this outfit... hahaha! Maybe next time, still finding courage here. Okay kidding. Truth is, blame to being me as an 8-5 and 6 days a week office girl giving me so much blog hiatus. A little sad face here but hey it also feels good to be working and getting to know new people around. Anyway, what do you think of this look? I also wore this at work without the heels and of course hat. Recently, I've been loving to wear whites. It looks crisp and light, perfect for this summer heat. White is the new black so if you wanna be the center of attraction, you can go for it. Not that I'm saying I want to be haha! It's just that I feel good in all-white that day.