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This super old bag belongs to my grandmother's sister, her sister gave it to my mom back then years ago, and hand it to me when I was in fourth year high school. This petite bag is magic, I can put in all of my needed stuffs, Fibrella umbrella, wallet, phone, Sony Walkman, journal and ballpen, sanitizer,and a small bottled water. See? :D
I just did sort of piling old clothes on to me. I'd found them long kept in side the cabinet and so instead of letting them stayed and stocked there, I might re-use and re-style them, right?
So dear readers, you might want to check on your closets and find stuffs that are still good to wear. Is this fashion thriftiness tip I guess? Haha! Well, like others said, you don't have to have expensive  clothes to be stylish, you yourself have your own way of being stylish. Just keep it going. :)
And I'm good to go.
Keeping Doldrums Away :)

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