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Finally, it'a available in blue! Sadly I left my previous Fibrella in the classroom and too bad I just noticed it when I'm already on my way home. I'd used it for almost a year and believe me it still looks brand new every time I used it. (Or maybe because I'm just that too organized on my stuffs I guess? Haha!) Buti nalang that's in color beige green or else when it's in blue, it'll be surely a badtrip for me then. Lol. So here is my new..
At first I'm planning to buy the F270 Light and Compact one just so I can easily bring it even if I'm wearing small sling bag, but I found it too small if I'll be using it when the rain pours. So i decided to pick this F306 Lite.
This is so lite as in (hindi pabigat sa bag), and it has this feature that when blown by the wind, it'll come back to its position. And voila, you can use it again and again ('wag lang mawala lol). Yes, it's a bit pricey but I choose quality for long term use. :) (Diba mas mura pag ganun hehe).

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