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Are you a DIY lover like me? Well, take a look at this, you may want to try it also then. :) I really do love customizing stuffs, not that I don't wanna buy products from the market or being that thrifty, but I find this hobby really keeps doldrums away, particularly whenever I felt being dull and non-productive for the day. Oops! Am I being redundant on my words? LOL. So skip into this flowery introductory, here are the steps on how you could make your personalized Kindle fire case:
1. Here are the needed materials:
*Cardboard that are not so thin nor thick, or if you are fond of scrapbooking, use Chipboard (ideal). I used plain chipboard 148mm x 210mm with 2mm thickness from All About Scrapbooking. It's easier because from it's size you just need to cut the few excess measurements with a cutter and you're ready.
*Fabric (about 1/4 yard will do) of your choice, not so sleazy nor so thick because it could be bulky if it's thick or too soft if it's sleazy and that could ruin your project. This is the most fancy part, because from fabric stores they have lots of pretty fabric designs there to choose from, so go choose what fits your personality. :)
*Elastic band/Garter about 3" each (black/white it's up to you or if you can find colored ones from the stores near you).
*Scissors, Tape measure, Cutter, Needle and Thread (your chosen color) or if you have sewing machine, it's better you can work on this project faster then.

Let's start! It's easy, just follow the sequence above. And if you have knowledge on basic sewing, it'll be easier for you. Enjoy! :)

2. Cut 3 pieces of fabric, follow the measurements above. (Note that my measurement has already the added measure for the sewing process, about 1/4")
3. Get the smallest size of your fabrics and stitch the garters on its four corners.
5. Put the smallest size on top of the 2nd largest one. 
6. Sew on the edge.
7. Check the size.
8. It should be then the same size with the largest one.
9. Put the largest one on top. Pin them.
10. Sew both end sides.
11. And now you're done with your cover design for the case.
13. Now let's work on the main needed material, the chipboard.
14. You'll need 5 pieces of chipboard, follow the measurements above and on how you will put them inside. Number them 1 2 3 4 5 so that it's organize.
The 7.5" x  5 1/4'' is for the fabric with the garters and so on. Have them all stitched on all sides. Those lines that you can see are those that are sewed. :)

And now, ready for the outcome? Because I am. :D
I love the design of my fabric! Really do! :))
Isn't it that simple but worth of creativeness? LOL. 
Instead of putting garter as my lock, I just glued this (what do you call this haha, parang sa mga bags, right) as my lock. And yah that gold one is just a ribbon, I just sewed it also into the fabric.
What do you think? You may want to do design of your own.

Keeping Doldrums Away :)