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After almost two years of deciding, finally I've got to try Digital Perm! Because I often curl my hair with flat iron, why not go permanent then I said to myself instead of waking up early just to have spare time for fixing my hair before I go out or go to school. In addition with that, I may no longer have to comb my hair every now and then (laziness strikes? :D). Just twists and turns with my fingers and it's set and ready to go! Haha. The decision making is too long yes I know (hehe), I also did some reviews pa about it. And also, there are times I really opted straight hair, depends on my hairstyle for the day haha. Actually, I wanted permanent curl since I'm in high school pa, but unfortunately there was no digital perm yet pala in any salons here, only manual perm but I don't really want to give that a try, that's too curly, maybe like goldilocks'?
First Day.
I can't enumerate clearly all the steps the stylist done to my hair though I remember all of them. First is he cut my long hair into short layered... it is necessary he said.
 And these steps followed: shampoo-put hair product-leave for 15min?-shampoo twice-put the rollers-attach to octopus machine-leave for minutes-let it cool-detached-spray liquid neutra(haha I still remember)-leave for 15min-shampoo-blow dry-setting-DONE! Whoo! :D
Second Day.
The stylist told me to be back tomorrow to see the full result and I did. Then he said he will reperm it because it's not that curly and it may not stay curl for too long. But for me, the wavy look is fine already. Still, I go for what he recommended. (Concerned staff, I like that. Not like others from other salons :D) So that means he need to rework on those stepsss again for two to three hours!

And on third day...
I really love my new mane style. Thank you to whom they call Sir Kit there at the Infinity Salon here in Tarlac City. Plus the staffs there are very accommodating and friendly. :)

Keep Doldrums Away everyone 

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