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When I got nothing to do, DIY is on the go. I just really having fun time doing this. Possession it is for me. :) From my shirt to shorts, I reconstruct them by doing cut-outs to the edges. I added this lace fabric to put some design on my plain white t-shirt. And on to the shorts, I cut my 5-year-old straight cut jeans. Because I'm not yet contented, I opted to add details, hence the fabric jeans on the pockets. If you remember, I used this fabric in making my Customize Kindle Case
My hair is not really curly. I really wish my hair is like this everytime though. But, who can wake up early everyday, as in every day, just to curl your hair, right? So I'm thinking of having digital perm. Can you give tips or advice about digiperm, anyone? :) 
I didn't actually plan to color code my outfit for the day, I just noticed it when I'm getting dressed down. :D 
Penshoppe hat.
My street fashion look.

Keeping Doldrums Away :)


  1. Adorable ballet flats! Thanks for your kind words and support. Following your lovely blog now.


  2. Love your top, it goes great with the flats! :-)

    X Saskia