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Four days to go and it's Christmas Eve! I'm sure you're all excited, preparing for Noche Buena, wrapping your gifts for love ones, and of course the pretty part to make your banquet extra special is to wear good and dazzling ensemble. You want it special and memorable when you throw birthday parties for yourself, so double it this holiday make it extra extra special. Yes! Because it's the special birthday of Jesus and He deserves a special celebration. Well, onto the outfits, here are my style-picked (from Polyvore). As you will see, I really opted this gold palette and a pop of red (pointing out Christmas is Love hehe) because gold is just so dazzling and special, perfect for a special celebration like Christmas, right? (Oh! How many times did I say the word 'special' for this post? Hahaha!)

Are you a girly-girl outfitter?

Or a so classy and formal one?

Maybe you always like being trendy?

Is wearing top plus jeans your comfort zone?

Or you are so ladylike who loves details like laces to let your femininity shines through?

Maybe you just want to be that 'feel at home outfit' one?

Whatever it may be, keep it extra stylish to be special (special again lol!).
So, what ensemble will you choose to wear on nearly Christmas Eve Celebration?
You may try this and see if you'll love my personal picked style for the Christmas Holiday! Kindly leave a comment about your thoughts guys, and I'll be happy to read them. :)

But don't forget, you are never completely dressed without the SMILE on your face, thus SMIZE!
Queenly ❤ 


  1. That red dress is gorgeous!
    Love the site by the way! :)

  2. It's gorgeous indeed!
    And thank you then Kieron! :)

  3. hi, i like so much your blog :-)
    it's very pretty!!!
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    bye :-D

  4. It is all so fabulous-gorgeous-DIVINE! How good you spoke me via ifb to know your blog! Really liking it, so here you have a new follower dear! We keep in tough on ifb.

  5. Love gold and red for the holidays! Very nice outfits. I enjoyed the post :)

    1. Real thanks Nadiyah! Hope you have a merry christmas wearing look a like of one of my loving ensembles:)

  6. That gold skirt is so gorgeous! :)

  7. So many pretty options! I love the red dress and the gold sequin top!

    Fizz and Frosting

  8. Oh I really love that golden skirt! It is perfect for the holidays!

  9. I like so much your outfit :-) and your blog, ti's so cool!!
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    Bye :-)

  10. I absolutely love all of these looks! Great post!

  11. Love all of these outfits but the first golden skirt really caught my eye!
    Gorgeous collages :)

  12. Thank you Maya! That golden skirt is really an eye-catcher! :)