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Take a break from style posts. Let me share this awesome holiday experience to you my readers! It's Christmas time and that also means, reunion time with these awesome grade school/childhood friends slash high school friends slash peers slash bestfriends! For almost 12 years we've been together everyday and 4 years we've been apart from each other, our friendship still remains inseparable. Loads of photographs, here they are!

Call time was 8:30am at McDonald's McArthur Hi-way Tarlac City. Then went straight to Starbucks San Miguel. Bought a cake for Maya for her belated birthday celebration.

Aside from birthday surprise bash and reunion, it's also the comeback party na rin for Irish from her OJT in U.S.

Arrived to Maya's house, a lunch was already set by her mom, as always :) Okay wala pa ako nito, I'm so so late!

Up to the room where we often held our get-together. It's nearly 3:00pm when I came and so excited to have fun with them all! By the way, that's Maya, right side of Irish.

So now let's start the boisterous part! The games of course :D This game's called the King's cup. More chocolates and chips :) Look how cute Grace is (with the checkered polo). Looks so stiff huh :D

Also tried Xbox. Okay, I was beaten by Armin. Haha! Ang gulo ng mga dance steps!

This challenge was the funniest. The last one who will put his/her right hand on the floor after saying the word 'Go' will take the challenge. Take note, palm should fully touched the floor and the left hand should be raised up.

We're so not complete here, so many were absents. But at least, this mini-reunion plan had still pushed through. Before others go home, group pictures will definitely shouldn't be missed :)

This photo just proves how overjoyed we were with each other! See? Fun moments like no other! "Kapag wacky shot kailangan nanunulak?" -Armin :D

It's not over yet. I told you, loads of photos! Maya's mom also treat us dinner. Sweet!

Savoring the moment (as Sofia always say, the one in long sleeves) not realizing it's almost nearly midnight! Haha! We've got so addicted into this game called Logo Quiz.

And now, time for sleepover for us 7 girls left. Till our next reunion beloved friends! Good luck to all of our endeavors!

Photos credit to Toto.

Thank you for reading my loooong post :)

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