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Turn undesirable old jeans into cool ombre shorts. This is originally a pants, I just cut it.
So, let's start the diy tutorial for this:
1. Bleach. 100% bleach (for 30min-1hour until your desired outcome appears) or 50% bleach & 50% water, either of the two will do. I did the latter and leave it for 2 days 1 night, I prefer that so as not to waste so much bleach and also because the more you put on of it the thinner the fabric will be and it may be torn then if you wash it later. Who would want to spoil her work, right?
2. After a few hours...
3. After the overnight bleaching process...
3. Lastly, my goal, whiten it all over.
4. After bleaching, choose colors you want. I opted violet and pink fabric dyes.
5. Just follow the procedure written on the packaging of the fabric dye.
6. Okay, so tying it with an elastic is a bad idea. (for me) Plus, don't wash it with fabric soap immediately after the dyeing process, if you do, the result will be like the right image above. 
7. To really get what I wanted, I re-dye it. This time, without the elastic. I mixed the violet with pink because the former is too dark in shade. 
8. Finally! Though sadly, the pink shade is not that visible at all. But I like this outcome already. :) 
After sun drying it, I tried to iron it and suddenly after one stroke, the light color which is the pink one appeared and become visible on the fabric. See it? Wash the cloth with soap after the first sun-dry.

Ombre Lilac ❤ What do you think guys? :)


  1. This is incredible! such a great idea and the end result looks amazing!
    -Kate, xo

  2. Yeah!Thank you Kate! Happy 2013! :)