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Because I wanted to greet you all, my readers, followers, and friends here. Here it is, Merry Christmas with love! Enjoy your holiday celebration with your family, friends, and loved ones. May you have a blast for this 2012 everyone! 

1 hour to go (here in the Phils.)before 12 midnight and it's Christmas Eve everyone! Getting so much excited? :D
So now I'm still blogging in the middle of our food preparation haha. Anyone who doesn't figured out yet what pretty ensemble to wear for this occasion? Try this one. I made another collage again from Polyvore, I'm kind of enjoying doing this lately. :) This dress is simple yet chic and the color is perfect for the holiday. I'm pretty sure you want to be at ease roaming around, chatting around with family and friends, and have fun so I opted the wedge (if you really want to be confident with heels) rather that to wear stilettos. You don't want your feet to die, it'll gonna be long hours of celebration. Yes? :) Plus, no accessories for now, as I said to be at ease, because the climax part for sure is the exchanging of gifts, yey! You can put the accessory on your hair instead, thus the perfect gold ponytail, to add style on the ensemble. Simple nude makeup will be fit  too. Agree? :) So, ready to start the party? Countdown starts now! :D

Much love,

Shake up the happiness, it's Christmas time!

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