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Tomorrow's midnight and the day after tomorrow. Before heading to next year, let's go back to this year's one of the many season trends --- the tartan. Whilst most choose to combine the iconic red and black one, I opt to be in lightest mode. The entire look actually is so light and only the heels darken the ensemble a bit. This is my another go-to-church outfit. Did you guys and gals enjoyed the tartan trend too? 



Five days more and fireworks all over the world will surely be amazing again! Better way to start the new year to all fashion-hearted ladies out there is to join and win this big giveaway. Been so long since I hosted a blog giveaway and this time I've partnered up with Dressale to give away their best selling dresses. The winner will get one of the gorgeous dresses of her choice, worth $200. There will be one winner for each dress from the collection. Oh yeah and this will be great if you are to attend a prom next year, am I right? And because Dressale wanna greet you all Happy New Year too, non-winners who joined will be receiving a $15 coupon to spend on the site. Just enter the easy rafflecopter below to enter.

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Every color means something. Recently I discovered a brand where fashion meets philanthropy --- Angela  Roi. They invited me to feature their sophisticated handbags. Owned by a couple Angela Lee and Roi Lee, their collection of handbags are minimalist styles of tote, shoulder, and cross body bags. Each style comes with various color options and are made of vegan leather and durable fabric. What captivates me the most about the brand aside from the elegant style which I really adore is their Donate by Color mission.

"We believe we can use our resources productively in a way to impact the greater community. We believe fashion can be utilized to both an artistic and charitable effect. Our company presents an opportunity for us to intertwine consumerism with philanthropy." - Angela & Roi



These boots captivated my eyes when I visited Aupie. You can click on the photos to see the items. They are so fierce yet so chic, these boots are my current favorite from the store and also the bags and clothing. When black and white trend is on air, the perfect color match will be (as always gorgeous) red and of course for me is this royal blue one. I think this collection's still fit for the holiday season, the glittery see through shirt with the gold printed skirt and the basic black type one above. Ahh-- they are actually on my wishlist! Wait, why am I suddenly being fallen in love with blacks by the way? Gee, black is timeless anyway. Yeah? So what do you think of them?



Shake it up, shake up the happiness! Wake it up, wake up the happiness. Come on all, it's Christmas time! Merry Christmas to all! Come on let's sing! I hope you have a blessed one and enjoy the day spending it with your loved ones. Not so much to say for this post guys, just wanna greet you my wonderful readers a Merry Merry Christmas! Thank you very much for joining me here on my blog for this year. I hope you stay in touch for next year! 



Good morning! These were taken day before yesterday after we had Misa De Gallo and before we attend the Sunday Mass, the Fourth Sunday of Advent. This dress is perfect for the event and I must say appropriate for the place. Is it not? Stayed for a simple yet catchy outfit. No stack of accessories, only a pair of earrings because I feel that the dress alone can stand out on its own. Feeling like it's winter too here to wear this but the good thing was --- it was windy that morning. And yeah later is Christmas Eve already! So I'm gonna leave this post to you now and go ahead to the kitchen to help prepare for the Noche Buena, will be doing a simple dessert for later's. Happy holidays to all of you! :)


a | b | c | d | e | f | g

"I'm dreaming of a white Christmas just like the ones I used to know where the tree tops glisten and children listen to hear sleigh bells in the snow. I'm dreaming of a white Christmas with every Christmas card I write. May your days be merry and bright and may all your Christmases be white." ---Okay! So here I go again singing in my post. Whilst we never experienced white Christmas here in our country, winter white dressing is still on trend here. Above is my kind of winter white outfit, simple and cozy yet stay classy. What do you think of it? Finished it off with royal blue jewelries and touch of gold. Instead of a silvery or shiny gold belt, I think this cropped top over the white dress is better, its silvery design down there will do the trick. By the way, I saw these lovely pieces from and they have really so much more attractive pieces just like the ones you'll see below. You'll really never go wrong with prints. When I'm too lazy to dress up and mix&match clothes, I go for printed ones. Dresses or jumpsuits are great. You can click the images below. Do you love them too? 



"So if you're out there I'd swear to be good to you but I'm done lookin' for my future someone. 'Cause when the time is right you'll be here but for now, Dear no one, this is your love song." This is my last song syndrome for the day, the title is Dear No One by Tori Kelly. Who knows this song? I already closed my music player and really my mind is still singing while I'm posting this. Anyway, how was your week everyone? Weekend again tomorrow, it's Saturday again and just three more days until Christmas Eve then the Christmas Day itself. 

Finally I was able to score this pants on sale from Choies and happy that these pair fit me so well. I've been wanting to have khaki and red pants hence was so excited to wear them out. In addition to my excitement, it is leather well faux leather I should say. I found myself lately that I always keep my eyes to leather or faux leather pieces. Keeping this look neutral and just added acid wash denim shirt. I feel like so-put-together in a casual corporate attire here. Imagine this ensemble with the unbutton shirt , pants, and heels alone with my hair down. Same yet different, right? What's better? Ahh---now that I thought I'll be wearing this ensemble again. Let's see. :)



Colder, it's nearly coming! Do your wardrobe needs some more sweatshirts? Steal these cute ones from Udobuy and Save $20. They are so stylish that the sweatshirt itself can pull off a simple cozy outfit. It's all about the print and these prints are so perfect for Yuletide season. Who's with me? Whilst in here we still have this summery mood all day and only at night it's windy, I would still love to wear cute sweatshirts like these. These could also shoo the boredom and if you feel so lazy for the day. My favorite is the first one and second third and haha, yeah all of them! What's your favorite? You can click the images above. What's more from Udobuy? There will be one lucky client who'll get $100 Super Value packs at the end of December! That could be you or you or you. 



Holiday parties here and there. While this basic black dress will also be my option for holiday parties, I also wore this to attend the Misa de Gallo. It's so cold waking up at 2:30 in the morning for the 4:30 am mass. I know, I know, 2 hours preparation and just for a basic outfit! Well the main reason was that I wanted to straighten my permed hair for this certain look and because my hair is so thick I needed more time to fix all strands. Gee. So what do you think of it? I actually put a gold belt (the usual black and gold details) at first but finally opted the royal blue one for a change and it was perfect that it matches my earrings. My favorite part of this outfit is the dress' lace part at the back. I love it! You can get this for only $9.99 at Ahaishopping plus free shipping! The quality is good I can assure. We (with my mom as always) shot this at a subdivision near the church where we had the misa de gallo (okay truth is hours after, you know, waiting mr. sun)!

Find out more holiday dressing style inspiration on

O’Bazzië Classics Coming Soon


Satchel lovers, guys and of course gals! I want to introduce to you this brand called O’Bazzië Classics which will be launched on Spring 2014 (March) based in Georgetown, Washington, D.C. Founded by 21-year-old Nigerian American University student and social entrepreneur Ebenezer Obasiolu, he is also the CEO and Chief Designer of the said brand. I feel honored to have been invited and be able to interview Mr. Obasiolu and to feature the brand as its vision and mission statement is to create simple, well-designed, classic leather accessories with a timeless fashion personality while providing educational supplies to school children in Africa at the purchase of every O’Bazzië products. 

"I was born in West Africa and I have firsthand experience of how the lack of educational supplies have prevented the children in a community or village from attaining education. My parents have always instilled the importance of education in the hearts and minds of my siblings and I, therefore it'll be of great honor to share such gift with children in dire need. Currently, at the purchase of every O’Bazzië Satchel, we have decided to gift a satchel full of classroom supplies to school children in West Africa. We do not view this act as 'donation', rather we view it as an honor to gift and impact the lives and future of a community, a village, a nation, a continent and a generation." said Obasiolu.



Who's going to experience the magical night next year? A-h-h! I'm so excited for you beautiful ladies as I was when I had mine. Five years ago and our junior-senior prom is still memorable until now. How about you gals who had already experienced promenade, how was it? It feels so princess-y, ain't it? Girls wear corsage given by the guys and; their partners wear matching boutonnière on the left chest given by the girls. In here (well in our school), prom usually held with a program and we had waltz. Together with my other friends, I was also picked and was able to dance the swing for a special dance number. Because of that I needed to have two dresses, long gown for waltz and a short one to perform the swing ('cause I thought it would be comfortable for me to dance with a short dress, you know swing? then you can relate. Haha. unless you can do those footworks with the long gown).

So speaking of the dresses, I found this online store that specializes on prom dresses and they have many choices of princess-y gowns from their New Arrivals. Surely you'll love them as I do. Without further ado, I wanna introduce you the Dressv Prom Dresses 2014 Collection. 



Wanna be sweet? Having a lunch date with your girlfriends? I think this outfit will suit the agenda. I've got this sweet dress from Sammydress a week ago and was excited to try it on. However it's not a get-together date but I wore this to go to church last Sunday, the Second Sunday of Advent. This dress is just so comfortable and that the fabric is so smooth like silk. Wear this dress alone even without any accessories and it'll save your stylish day, the print alone just did the talking and that it brings out your femininity. The cute little sling bag, also from Sammydress, gave more sweetness into this outfit and I'm really loving it! Ain't you? So this is my sweet version of this dress, and I'll be styling this again with a different look. Watch out. :)



A song is playing? Down below this context you can pause it for a while. :)

Smile brightly, I'm just thankful because I have memories with you. I can hide them and take them out when I'm alone. Whether you love me or feel sorry, I feel the same way. - My Wish (Lena Park). ---  I tried to make Korean song cover for the second time. But sadly I couldn't find an instrumental one so... Anyway, it wasn't hard for me to read some hangul words maybe because I know Chinese too and Korea's language have some sort of Chinese history that's why some of the words are 'sounds-like'. Well it's not a professional cover one but I hope you'll still listen to it. :)

Can't wait for the Heirs Episode 17 to air in Seoul, and yeah here in the Philippines there's no live streaming so will be waiting for a day or I think two and then I'll be able to watch it online after they aired it in Korea. Who's with me with this Kdrama? Anyone? Did you already watch the preview for the next episode? Ah...I did too. Well actually this is my first time to watch online while it's being aired in the country of origin though at first I already knew it'll be aired here too in Tagalog subtitle soon. Yeah I'd already assumed even before episode 1 was finally being filmed haha. It seems that Lee Min Ho (yes I'm a fan too but not that kind of sasaeng ones okay, if you know what I'm saying here lol. I actually did really want to watch how Krystal Jung acts, ah she's so cute. Also 'cause most actors there I've already seen them on To The Beautiful You series..) have contract with the abs-cbn that they always air his dramas on the said channel station. Oh and it's only now I found out "Faith" is set to air too by 2014. Back-to-back LMH on 'abs-cbn's primetime bida'? However I prefer to watch it with the English subs, the script and emotions are more genuine than if it's dubbed plus there are cut scenes and sometimes those cuts are the good ones. Moreover, watching it with the original language can also benefit the foreign viewers like me. Wish I could watch their dramas without subtitles someday so I can focus more and more on their faces haha! Though now I understand more basics, words, phrases already. 

And of course, this is initially a style blog (but just recently, sharing my thoughts to you guys feels so good hence I've been posting long preface here if you noted) so now let's talk about the outfit. I want to wear this leggings again shortly so expect an outfit post perhaps by next week with a different look yet same pants. The top (worn it here) is obviously too loose for me and I'm not too comfortable to wear it as it is so instead of wearing something under it like a bandeau or tank or shirt, I saw this tie and took it and voila! No cleavage (as if I have lol). This is my simple tip if you too aren't cozy showing off more skin. The sunglasses go well with this shiny pants. I love them! I got this from Aupie, check them out they have lots of stylish chic and elegant pieces too. 

Good night from here and Good morning to the other parts of the globe. :)



It's all about the 'first'. First of December, first Sunday of the month, and first Sunday of Advent --- the first season of the Church year leading up to Christmas. I am sure all of you too are excited for the midnight of 24th and on 25th itself. Colorful lights, decorations, Christmas songs and carols are all over the cities and yeah countries. Specifically during nights when you go out and you feel the Christmas breeze and you close your eyes and take a deep breath with it. You do that too? Feel so relaxing right? Especially when you're tired from tons of tasks you worked the whole daytime, thinking of the outlines you listed on the planner or on journal, getting ready again for 'tomorrow's' agenda, etc. I love night skies when there are full of stars above and the moon shines so so bright that I can't stop staring at them while random thoughts are coming up in my cerebrum (okay it's simply brain haha). 

I intended to post this yesterday right after we went home from church (...and right after we shoot) but without a computer I can't blog, obviously. My syoti (younger brother in Chinese) used the laptop to watch kdrama 'cause it's Sunday. I guess he wanted to stay out in front of the desktop for awhile leave his work there and take a rest for one whole day and for sure he watched until past midnight.

I always make sure I wear appropriate clothes when going to church and finding these pieces (the shirt and skirt) from mom's old clothes was so good. Her clothes during her twenties and they'd really waited for my turn to wear them. Of course, I say Appropriate church attire with the capital A. Why is that there are still who goes inside wearing revealing apparels when big signboards on the doors are already posted? I mean for me there's nothing wrong if she wears casual dress, knee length skirt or an inch above (as long as it's not more than a mini skirt and no shorts please!), or oftentimes sleeveless top as long as she doesn't look like she's going to a night party. I even opt to wear a bandeau top instead of bra when I'm wearing see through shirts (even just slight) like this one I'm wearing here. Okay enough with the opinion. What do you think of my hair parted in the middle? My hair actually don't have its own part I think? May it be middle part, left-side part, or right-side part, happily it always follow what I want for a certain hairstyle of the day (without the help of any hairspray, hair cream or whatever) and for this look it was middle part! I also thought of cutting the permed part, they're very loose already but I think I wanna leave them for a year more and that means no haircut for one more year. :)



See my eyes are watching, hear my heart it's pounding. Whatever I do, wherever I go it's for you. Just took some lines from one of the soundtracks of the hit kdrama this season --- Heirs. Sorry for mentioning this tv series numerous times here on the blog haha, just can't get enough of it wishing they'll extend the episodes more. Also my outfit for today is obviously Korean inspired, I always love to see Korean girls [oh yeah, those kpop girl groups in particular lol] in loose sweaters or any long sleeves plus boots. Unfortunately it's a No-No to wear knee-length boots here okay. I'm pretty sure you know what I'm sayin'. :) But today's weather is a mixed emotion, hot and cold. Hence I didn't regret wearing sweatshirt in a tropical country like here to protect my skin from the sun and simultaneously to warm me when the cold strikes, and to balance it off I wore shorts instead of any pants. I love that it's so windy outside and I wish my hair would stay like this forever! Bangs out for now.



It was too late and we actually didn't catch the early sunrise after we had our errand before we shoot. These were taken later than 8am and it was already moderately hot but thanks for the cold wind too I was able to stand under the sun without the tiis ganda. It was just a pleasant morning. If you read my previous posts here, I said that I'll be raising awareness here on the blog for the recent strongest typhoon Yolanda/Haiyan that had hit our country. And that is I'll be posting white ensembles for a week so if you're a new reader and noticed I'm always in white because it's my favorite, no it's not. But little by little I think I'm getting into it, it's so versatile and I feel like organized and neat with it. 



Certainly it's during these 'ber' months. The breeze is really getting colder here during mornings yet the sun genuinely shines at its brightest joining the cold wind with some warm atmosphere that made me able to wear this floppy hat to protect my hair from the heat of the sun. Usually it's hot when I try to wear leggings during warm season but now I feel like I want to overuse them while I could. 

How about you darlings? How do you love your weather there? :)



As said from my previous post, another white ensemble entry for today's. Isn't this shirt look very Asian? Chinese in particular. Dressing up like this feels like an office girl and a touch of maroon finishes off the entire casual corporate look well. Change into sexy black stilettos, a black handbag, a belt and into sleek bun hair-do if you opt to be so formal. Moreover, this skirt is I think my mom's too. Remember how I found so many interesting old new in for my little wardrobe?

I visited into my dad's office after running some errands and took the chance to have outfit shots inside the newly renovated premises. I know you're thinking that my dad took these photos for the blog but no I did. Thanks for having a tripod. I just wish he would also try someday. Though I told him part of my visit is to do this blogger duty haha! He even went upstairs after to call me to have lunch already so it's a random father-daughter lunch date too for that day and I think it was the first. :) While roaming around on the fourth floor on that building, so many had changed. We grew up there hence remembering some childhood memories with some friends years ago. 

See more and scroll down for some shopping surprises. :)



Suddenly there came my white craze and filling up my wardrobe with whites is not usual to me. I even have more blacks and whites now than my favorite color which is blue and as I noticed I barely wear that color and post outfit shots with it. Nah! Talk about the outfit for the day (these shots were taken right after we'd donated), while sorting our old clothes from our old cabinets to donate to the Yolanda victims here ["It's not how much we give but how much love we put into giving" - Mother Teresa], I found some old good pieces to add in my closet and most of them are not mine but my mom's when she's on her 20's. Yes, I'm just half of her age now! I actually have already seen them long time ago but it's only now that I appreciate 'em. Blogger instinct for creativity? I guess so. Also that they are versatile ones and I could probably wear them over and over again in different style. I think sweatshirts don't really suits the weather here in PH, even though it's getting cold now it's still hot during daytime. But this one I'm wearing is so comfortable and didn't give me that tiis ganda cause of sweat. It was just like wearing a plain white shirt. And because I'm in all plain black and white, I added that feline touch for some printed details. Isn't it so Korean wearing sweatshirt over a collared shirt? #fanmode

Not only because of my white craze  but I also opted to wear white to raise awareness and support for the recent Typhoon Yolanda (Haiyan) victims. In Chinese tradition, individuals wear white when they/we mourn. So expect more white outfits here on my blog for this week. The whole country and the Filipino people are now still being sympathetic as well as the whole world. To the different nations who gave aids, donation, compassion, and most of all have shown their love, Thank You All So Much! That, we, the Filipino People, will never forget. #bangonpilipinas! Life goes on.

To all internet savvy here and there, I also want to share this another way on how you can help the Typhoon Yolanda (Haiyan) victims. All of us can help. Check out this link.



My apology for wearing same skater skirts for three consecutive posts. Haha. If you're a regular reader of this blog, you may notice I'd already wore slightly same outfit but still different. Remember this from Ahaishopping? I love how small my wardrobe is because I could be creative enough to mix and match my clothing over and over again. Is it that nice? :) This see through chiffon shirt really suits the weather here, now it's pretty cold, later it's getting warm again. If you're the type who don't want too much revealing attire, wear bandeau instead of the usual brassiere under see through tops. The shirt and skirt both have really good quality and surely I'll be posting more different looks wearing these two pieces. 



I don't mind wearing same style of skirt for consecutive days, I'm totally in love with them. I love that skater skirts like this one doesn't bring so much of your femininity side unlike maxi skirts do. I opted to style it with the androgynous look -- partly male and partly female in appearance. The black tank top gave the look its manly side with a military tag or commonly known by many as dog tag and an aviator sunglasses. This look would have been truly a bolder military inspired if my denim polo is replaced by this army waistcoat and these boots. Nevertheless, I love how light this outfit is and that I can wear this acid wash denim in different styles. 

I wore this when we watched Thor 2: The Dark World a week ago with my special girl friends. It has been so long since we've all been together, so the heavy rain that day wasn't able to stop us from leaving the house and go. One of them, she and I didn't even see each other for a year until last week. I really missed them hundredfold and hoping to catch up again soon. While we were in cinema4 with those gals and our guy friend, my parents and brother on the other hand watching the same movie from cinema3. So it was (sort of) a family and friends movie date for the first time. :)

Good night to all! Now I shall watch Heirs' episode 8. Who are k-drama/kpop fans there? Join me! :)



How are you dear readers? I hope you're all doing fine. I missed you guys! I've already posted previously about my long blog hiatus and this is my first post tonight after what had happened. Sadly, as we're watching the news a while ago, a super typhoon will be entering the Philippines again within few hours now and as the experts say, it will be the strongest one above all that our country had experienced this year. I will not elaborate more about this tragedies anymore. Trauma it is. My heart just won't stop pounding until it ends. I want to just move on and be thankful that our family is fine. Pray more, worry less. 

On the other hand of tonight's post, just like the print on my shirt I suddenly feel like singing. Yes, a song related on this outfit. "You are my dream, you are my hope, you are my love and baby you are my heart. I want you to know and let it show that I'm in love. Everytime I see you near I wanna be close to you but how can it be? 'Cause I know it's impossible to make it happen, still you are." Maybe I'll find time to try to record this song haha. It's just that this is my last song syndrome since I heard it and that's I think since last week. Anyway, enough of this diary thing hahaha! What do you think of my simple shirt and skirt look? And also I made some simple blog layout revamp here. Let me know which is better, the previous one or this? :)


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So...where do I start? 
I couldn't blog for almost weeks. We had experienced a Super Typhoon here on our place just a week ago and just starting to move on.Trees died. That was the first time I experienced such storm here in Tarlac.
Trauma, indeed.
It was totally black out for days and just had our electrical connection back [I think] two days ago.
Until now we had no Internet connection.
I'm currently at the mall now to share some wifi connection, and few minutes more and this laptop is going to shut down already. As well as my Kindle.
Maybe I could tell more detailed story when we got our Internet connection back at home.

I just wanna let my dear readers know about my blogging hiatus.
No, I didn't quit blogging. Of course, not.
I love blogging, I love my readers.
Hopefully, I could continue blogging soon.

I guess, this is all for now.
Take care everyone. 

P.S. Another sad story from the Visayas. They'd been attacked by an Intensity 7.2 earthquake and until now huge aftershocks are still recurring. Really heart-breaking. 






I felt dressing up like a school girl on this day and obviously inspired by those Korean uniforms. The initials on my top, the BI, is our high school alma mater. We bought it during the grand alumni homecoming. So, I guess it's a plus for this look, truly a school girl for today's post. I got this mini skirt four years ago and this is the first time I'm wearing it. Probably because for me it's so short and can't stand to wear them publicly back then, though I was a high school girl who used to wear such until came this leg vein uneasiness during college years. But then again, I couldn't resist to have it when I saw it. Part of it is because I bought it for just P150 and only one unit stock left, haha bargainer! But hey, the fabric is not that cheap at all. Now little by little, as I notice myself, I'm being back on dressing up the way I do before and I missed it a lot. Happy to be back and being 'me'.

P.S. To those who are commenting here, do you receive the replies on your email? I guess not? So I think I'll be replying to you on your blogs (if you have and put your links here). To those who don't have, well I'll still reply here and just come back to read it. :)





This is actually a late post but I should push through it. Better late than never. I have to write about this to thank all of you my readers from around the world who've been supporting this blog for a year now! September 20, 2012 is I think and will probably consider my first official post, though the content is just the 'about me'. September 23, 2012 is my first official outfit post. But, fyi, I really did start it on my birthdate (August 20), a month before. A simple post of what we ate to celebrate my day, on blogspot with Keeping Doldrums Away as my blog title. Then I transfer to wordpress with the title Walk the Talk but still went back to the previous one. And now I'm back to blogspot Smizing with Style. P.S. I even signed up on before all of the above. Do that count? Haha! Hey! I'm trying how to do it, where to do it, figuring out why do I do it. This wasn't planned at all. But, Lord God, Thank You for whispering on me to give it a try! I know it's you. :) Truth is...okay you can read some more here



Chiara Ferragni: 17 things you don't know about her

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Hi everyone! It's been days since my last blog post here. Technically it's just three days yes, but talking about the outfit posts it's been almost two weeks since the last one. You ask why? The main reason's because we had bad weather here in the Philippines the past week and actually until now. Can't go out therefore can't do outfit shots. Of course not just that. Because the storm was a terrible one, we had to be alert and stay tuned on the news every now and then. Flash floods were all around the Luzon area, even here on our house, thank God it didn't go inside. Oh stormy weather, the sad days. Hopefully now those people who suffered the most are now in good condition, receiving relief goods and help from fellow countrymen. Moving on now and continuing their lives.
Still, #PrayfothePhilippines.