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CHAPTER 2013: PAGE 1 OF 365

The 1st day of January here was so windy and so I opted to wear something flowy, hence the maxi. After that 6 hours of sleep, we were abruptly invited by another set of relatives to celebrate New Year's Day with them. Get to know another new faces (cousins haha). I never thought our clan was that ample.

The result to what had happened to my camera is this. Because these were all just taken by my phone, hence the fuzzy effect! But hey it's alright, good vibes should prevail, it's a new beginning! :)

I didn't actually planned to be a blogger, it just happened. So now, I'm looking forward to enjoy more of it this year. I incorporate this flowy ensemble for a flowy beginning. I mean to say overflowing with more motivation. :)
Hope you had also a great beginning!


  1. Your skirt is pretty. Lovely post. x
    Check out my latest outfit post here -

  2. Thank you! Sure I will :)
    Happy new year!

  3. Lovely blog Queen:) Keep It up^_^ If you want more readers from your blog join our Group the GIG GROUP on Facebook.. Visit my page so you would know:) Happy New Year:)

  4. Sure I will Akirah! Thank you so much :) Happy 2013 to you too :) And by the way, I'm checking out your blog now!

  5. Happy New Year! Your idea of writing your year as a book is super creative! xo Much success to you this year.

    Maggie A