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Another year has ended! Let us welcome 2013 with a big smile on our faces! I'll just make this post very short, just wanna share few stuffs to you fellas. Thus, very few photos contrary to my previous Christmas Season post. :)

 It's our first time to celebrate New Year's Eve at relatives' place and it turned out fun. Meeting those cousins who we haven't met yet since childhood. 

Our aunt (wearing black) from London who came home to celebrate 1st day of 2013 here in the Philippines. 

Polka dots represent money or wealth because it has the same shape with the coins. The bigger the polka dots are in the cloth, the more money is expected to come into the wearer's life. Haha! This is one of the many New Year traditions here in the Philippines. But wait, it's my first time to wear such. Our family usually wear red. For a change lang haha. And oh, sorry for the photos quality, those circles! I don't know what happen to my camera, suddenly it was broken! Goodbye 2012 Goodbye old camera! Thank you for being with me for 5 years haha. Need to have new one soon. :) 

Ah! I planned to have this shot at exactly 12 midnight but obviously I failed haha!

Media Noche served. Pimm's served.

Cheers everyone! Happy 2013! 新年快乐 for those fellow Chinese out there!
I told you this will be that short :)

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