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As I promised, here it is. Forgive me if it's not that too good tutorial, yet. First timer, okay! haha. I know you noticed it's too long, 7min. Because I didn't do any editing on it like the fast-forward effect. Hope you'll be interested to watch. :)
This is my version of the first look on my previous post

 I really played those songs you've heard while I'm doing this tutorial haha. But I opted to edit it cause of that tad bit background noise. And no, I'm not a 1D fan. I just enjoy listening to most of their songs (pero di pa rin fan haha). :)

I know, it's not that so alike to that of my previous post and that's because I only have medium-length hair. If you have longer hair than mine, it'll be easier. Plus, I know my bun is not neat haha, it's hard when your hair has many layers. And oh, it's up to you how thin or thick you do your plait.

When my hair is still long and straight. (last year photo, this is a 4-strand plait)
Just get part of your hair at the bottom back and braid it and then wrap it around your head and pin it, finish! That easy.

Is it obvious I love playing with my hair?
Did you enjoy it gals?

Looking forward to hear feedbacks from you. So feel free to leave any comments/suggestions below. 


  1. Oh wow, it's beautiful I'm going to try to recreate this, I hope it turns out well! :D


  2. I like, simple and looks good. Thanks.

  3. Adorable! I love the braided headband, got to try it sometime :)


  4. I love this look. I'm definitely going to try it out to add some spice to my hairstyles. I tend to stick to the same ones haha.


  5. Love all the hairstyles!

    XX, Jenniya

  6. This was so helpful! Thanks gorgeous!

  7. Amazing tutorial! I love it and you look stunning, I love your blog. Mind checking mine out? :)

  8. Thanks Beka! I'm now reading your blog :)