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I made another Polyvore collages and I'm sharing them to you. Start your New Year with fresh and playful looks. The girly top is so cute you can show some skin wearing it. The floral pants for me matches the top because of the pantone. Also these lovely bright wedges are just fit into this ensemble. Since the outfit is already very candy-colored, you don't want to overdo it anymore so my picks are nude accessories as well as for the make-up. That's a necklace. Considering the hair, a simple up-do will be a pretty choice for me.

Another pick is this look. If you don't like to wear pieces with too much colors and prints, I think this will be the alternative. Make the outfit simple, but retrieve for the accessories. Still, it will be that edgy and chic.
And yes, I'm loving color orange nowadays, hence. 

Did you like it? :)
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  1. I like both looks my favorite items from the first are the floral pants, white purse and the sock bun. My favorites from the 2nd are the white top and skirt super cute! Happy New Year!


  2. Love your blog Queenly!!!! I am now following you via Bloglovin, can't wait for your next post!

  3. I love both of your picture !!
    Following u :)

  4. I like the 2nd one.
    I just followed you dear. I hope you can check my blog ad follow me back, too

    XX, Jenniya

  5. I love the picks for the fresh style! I don't see any I don't like! Wonderful combination, I'm inspired!

  6. Your second polyvore set is a great outfit! Something I would totally wear for spring :)

  7. I absolutely love both looks! Thx for sharing!

  8. I absolutely love both looks! Thx for sharing!