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I'm back! Days came when I really don't have time to blog or should I say I've got nothing to blog haha, kidding. It's just because graduation day is so nearly coming and preparations for it will be starting soooon.  Also, aside from it, of course, being just so in cracking those paper works requirements for our last semester, for our 'last' weeks to go in college. Yipee ^_* And also....

Sssh! Okay so enough with my academic tales! "You've said blogging is your fun escape from those school-related stress?!" "Hm-m-m, just wanna share to them, that's why." Now I'm talking to myself. Again. Haha!

This, is another mild and plain ensemble. I wanted to be dressed in such a way that I could easily move cause it'll be a day full of walking and jaunting with my classmate. She needed to shop for a good pair of stilettos and pretty accessories for our graduation pictorial.  

In most times, when I shop, I opt to wear lucid skirts like this. Good part is, the floral prints helped to make this skirt be alive a tad bit. This skirt is sooo old already. 'Twas first owned by my 26-year-old cousin when she was kid/teenager (I think). Haha surviving! And also I just did put color pop that is red.

Bargain Top
Vintage Skirt
Genevieve Gozum Belt
Chelsea Sandals
This is originally by Macklemore and Ryan Lewis. But I just want this cover so. :) While I'm making this post, this song suddenly played from my playlist and thought of posting it too. I also don't know what post title to put to, hence. But wait, I don't thrift (just once in a while yes) though I'm a bargainer. Haha.