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The Versatile Blogger Award

First of course is "Thank you Elena of Elena Sofia Stocco for nominating me!!" Reeeally appreciate this! As a blogger particularly a personal style blogger and above all being new to the community, it's astounding when your blog is being remarked by others. Those fellow bloggers who support and appreciate small blogs here. I'm receiving "Hey! I liked your blog, keep updating!" Plus this is my third award after my 2 Liebsters. Then that motivates me more and give my dear readers more good posts, the best that I could. Enjoying more what I'm doing. :) 

She'Inside: MY FINDS

Hi guys! I'm back into blogging with these fashionable finds. :) I'm just staying at home so I thought of making another collage of my fashion finds. You can find all these pieces on SheInside. It's an online store that sells trendy clothes and accessories. Though the bags and shoes that you'll see in this post are from polyvore. :) Yes, I'm in polyvore and you could click the button up there to follow. :)
So into the ensembles here, I'd made 12 looks. Seriously, I could make more than 'cause of the unlimited pretty choices you'd have from SheInside! But of course haha! Now, onto the looks.

Look 1: The So Formal/Classic Look
Perfect for (of course formal) parties. Lol. Even the colors are perfect, ain't it?



So my previous post talks about this. Make-up session with myself. :D These were taken last week, as in I'm done for school works deadlines, I even fully cleaned my room and rearranged stuff easily. I'm so alone in the house just lying on the sofa resting and thinking what to do next. On the spur of the moment, I thought of our nearly graduation day. What to wear? How will be the hairdo? And most probably, the make-up. Haha! Yes, I am that so preparing for it. I don't know but I normally do such, like thinking what to wear plus the hairdo on that coming occasion pero ilang days or sometimes weeks pa naman before that comes. I'm so used to it. :D

Back to the collage, noticed the differences? First time ever. I'm a very newbie in doing this, still practicing! Told you, such a late bloomer. :)

This is my interpretation of using nude matte lipstick. Natural look. Good for everyday make-up routine. For me, I see it looked modest.