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Can you guess what's the addiction I'm talking about here? Hint: it's a color. :*
Obviously yes it's blue! I've been trying to wear and to like all colors since...since I've been blogging? So I figured I learned to get out of my status quo haha! Status quo talaga ang term? :D Way back, I do always wear the same color. Everyday. And sometimes from head to toe! The only difference is the hue, may it be navy blue, sky blue, powder blue, teal, aqua, name them all as long as it is blue. :D I can count just how many pink or yellow or green I had back then. Or maybe sometimes I had none. I could now imagine how dull my fashion sense was, slight. lol! So those times were the high school times. Pretty now that I can appreciate non-basic pieces. Details. Prints. Cuts. Yeah, such a late bloomer! And also now I'm back to being madaldal (loquacious). Oh just suddenly remembered back in grade school, laging kasama ang name ko sa list ng "Talkative -5" sa blackboard (my name was always included in the list of "Talkative -5"). :D

Genevieve Gozum belt (like this)
Forever 21 Bracelets
DIY Pearls and teal beads bracelet
Forever 21 Feather necklace (like this)
Noticed my skirt? It's not really it is. It's a garterized tubetop mini dress hence I assuredly needed a belt for security purposes. Now I'm also starting to be slightly demiurgic. :)

Tadaa! Not the what you think is a basic top. I'm wearing a laced bandeau inside para magbawas ng konting skin haha (to lessen skin apperance)! Yun ay kung may pinagkaiba ba? (As if there's a difference?) This is my kind of church outfit nowadays. Looking neat naman diba though may back something? :D

And as always... the ♩♪♫♬ part.