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Last week, we attended Chinese New Year Celebration but I was in green rather than red (the usual). It's because I don't have much red to wear (there's no room for red in my closet, but just for now haha) and second is cause I remember emerald is the pantone color of the year. So connected pa rin ang outfit, dapat talaga? lol. Also, the gold details on it give some (slight) formal touch on the dress. I added a gold-colored belt to accentuate the look and to make this ensemble slightly formal. Golden details plus emerald, sounds perfect for the said occasion I guess. :) And a mustard-green wedges to finish the look. Monotone it is for clean look. :)

Also polka dots on my dress are also plus points! Haha. Even my earrings are in round shape and of course chain bracelets and bangles are obviously in round shape (though you can't see, lol). It's because we're so running out of sunlight when we shot this and I'm just using a phone! Then the vintagey background. Haha.

This dish. Cold cuts. This is usually the first dish they serve in a Chinese parties/events and it's my favorite. Century eggs :)) 

Added up blazer cause I'm sure it'll be cold there in the event place. I want the dress and its details to be seen solely so gray (light-colored) is just good to add on it.
What do you think guys? :)

Green mini dress (like this)
Genevieve Gozum Golden braided belt (like this)
Wedges (like this)
J-mart bracelets (like this)


  1. loooooove the green outfit! You are so pretty~


  2. I really really like your blog and highly encourage you to come by mine ;)! Seriously, maybe we can follow each other?


    1. Hi there, sure I'd also like to see other's blogs :) Just leave your url here :)