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Hi guys! I'm baaaaaaaack! ;D Been a week since I had my last post. Why? I went to Manila to attend a job fair and come home here in Tarlac after two days. Then on third day morning (after that job fair) I received a phone call saying I should prepare for an initial job interview for tomorrow at 10am and so I immediately went back to Manila on that same day. Hindi ko pa nga naiayos yung mga dala kong gamit from Manila, babalik na agad. Hahaha! So I had that call around 10am and left here at 5:30pm. Lazy? No! It's because I need to wait for that dress that I should wear on that interview to be sun-dried. Lesson: You should always be prepared during and after your job hunting days 'cause you'll never know when will they be calling you back. Heehee! That's it and now I'm still waiting for that final interview and still actively hunting for job. And oh! Another thing I wanna share, I got 'bulol' (it's like having defective speech) during the interview! Mental block! I forgot my english. Though it's just a phrase, it's still big deal I guess. Haha!

If you're wondering, was this what I wore during that job hunting days? Of course not haha. I wore this at school before I left. After all, I'd already completed my school clearance. Just waiting for the graduation day on Tuesday next week. 

L-o-v-e my bangs here! *wink*

Well I guess I was in pretty good mood on that day resulting to dressed up like this. *smile* Now I'm like getting addicted playing with beautiful colors like candies' hence my title post. Surely you know what's candyman and who sang it. You'll see the video in a bit. :)

I was really tempted to buy this top when I saw it last year (september) cause of the colour (turquoise talaga 'to) and it's glittery fabric but I just wore it now. And I still can't do that backless thing so I opted to wear lace bandeau nalang. Maybe soon. *hahaha* And one more thing about this photo is my hair. Sobrang ayos ng curls, hope they're like this everyday. Also, I'm thinking...after 20 years of having dark brown hair, how about black for a change or ombre light brown or blonde with blunt bangs? ;)

What do you think guys? 


  1. How adorable are you! Love those floral print leggings!

    xox, cheri

  2. you look amazing in that outfit :) i hope you keep posting your outfits.

    xoxo, Daniela

  3. Love the leggings! The outfit really is perfect for Spring. Thanks for the love on my blog. I followed you on bloglovin! :)

  4. Pretty ♥

  5. Suck a pretty outfit! Love these pastel colors :)

  6. lovely look !!! so mush color !!! so fun !!! <3