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Last March 30, Knights (some) reunited again after three months. It's a slightly unplanned mini reunion slash celebration of Toto being a cum laude graduate. Hey, you got a proud friend slash batchmate here *smiling face*. So it's a celebration with no treat hahaha! Okay, that's Toto! Just chit chat, share about silly and great things each of us had, staring at everyone when no one talks, sudden playfulness like a kid inside of us, made our day. That's how simple we are you know. Naks! :D Btw, Toto is the guy who wears nerdy eyeglasses.
As usual, Mcdo High-way is where we always meet up (and that's since high school :). As in tambay mode talaga (ang kukuripot haha) until we saw GM's (the girl who also wears nerdy eyeglasses) dad and he saw us too and she smilingly approach him. Guess what she brought back. French fries overlooooad! *happy kids* Thank you thank you naman kami. *Hihi*
Then next place to go was SM (or para lang may mapuntahan nun? :P)
Last destination was at Maya's (wearing Pharmacy Never Stops shirt) habitat :) just to make sure that she's really reviewing for her upcoming Pharmacy board exam. 'Cause we kept on contacting her still she doesn't want to come over. So us being supportive batchmates (supportive as in 'Hey, keep calm and let's have riot for a while lol) went to her place and yeah found her so serious in reeeading those scientifically nosebleeding terms! Good luck!! You can really do it :)
Oh no, I'm dead when they see these stolen shots here :D
What I wore. Laid-back. :)

After weeks, some Knights reunited again and this time at Kelly's (wearing sleek blazer) mansion. Also this time, we get to see (or should I say 'I') those who always 'can't make it' daw to attend mini reunions. Here, we had fruits overloooooad and the dragon fruit. ;) And that Chinese nipa hut is so cute!
Let's have roll call! lol!
Armin-Kelly-Nikka-Reina-Shao-Yours truly-GM-Ivy-Yae-Mayleen-Vianne
And surprisingly arrived the Red Team! Or Team-ang (ang is chinese for red okay), GM kid. :D See them? They explained how they all came in same color coincidentally, even the tricycle driver they rode in! And so they brought additional fun haha. Told you, simple things could make our day fun-filled already.
Presenting Mayor Cojuangco (in black) and his Mayoral Security Guards. Okay we kid, we kid again! Haha!
That's Irwin-Bert-Val-TJ-Tiu
Foooods courtesy of Kelly and her parents :)
Lastly, the unexpected sleepover with Nikka and GM. Funny how we came from different peer groups but then again that's the Knights, all is well. *smiling face*
Typically we end up sharing random stuffs until sunrise lol!
Had simply great fun with you guys, till next time again!  
Photos by: Reina, Armin, Shao


  1. Cute pics!

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