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I hadn't blog for a week and so I miss sharing thoughts with you guys. Not that I'm busy going into job interviews for the past few days but it's...

 (can you guess what it is? guess it! guess it! you can see it right now! haha!)

Yes it's my new blog layout that causes my blog posts into halt for quite some time. 

I actually re-customized this blog all by myself, that means from learning those html/xml/css codes/files that were needed. But of course, just a bit of them. Hey, I don't wanna give my brain a headache! LOL. Though I know some of the basics naman, thanks for accompanying me Mr. Google and Ms. Copy-Paste. Hahaha!

Then, by the time I'm done...(now guess again haha) those days (I mean dawn!) that I've been customizing it were useless. Well, useless that my time had wasted, those sleepless nights of mine. Yes I say sleepless two nights 'cause I'm no expert at it! Trying hard, yes. But eager to learn haha! And these are two different things.   :) Now, what am I ranting about?    
My younger brother slightly complimented my work when he saw it but I know he only...haha sshh okay he doesn't read my blog anyway, I think? Or I don't know at all if he reads my blog or not. lol. So that's why he volunteered. Yes, you speculate it right. He's the brain behind this total new layout of my blog. :) As a matter of fact, he already came forward to do it before I started altering it but I as I've said I'm eager to learn so I said I'll try it first. Now I know what I can do and how far I could do such thing LOL. Do you wanna see my work? Naaa...never mind. Hahaha!

Okay, okay, enough with these. Now let's talk about this look . :) 

First of all, thanks to one of my besties who lend me her camera :)
I wore this simple ensemble on our graduation day. At first, the college announced that we'll be or should be wearing Filipiniana attire for the event and almost everybody's reaction was like...

"whaaaat the?! whyyy? so how we will....?" 
Haha those usual complaining questions by students.

But then again, they sticked into the semi-formal plus toga attire. And we then? 
One word three letters with exclamation point. 

Not because we don't like to wear or not proud to wear Filipiniana, it's because it's expensive and medyo hard to find. That's our main reason then when we heard the announcement. In addition, most likely we will not buy, we will rent it instead. So it's better for me to be in casual or semi-formal wear nalang. At least, the clothes will be ours, not rented. But me, I didn't even think of renting if ever, I actually have top and skirt already for that Filipiniana look/get up. :)   

Just a pair of earrings  for the accessories part for classy look. And for the make up, these were shot after the event and after our family lunch outside and so I got a little bit sweaty already. Also planned to wear falsies (to try it for the first time) but failed haha! Forgot to buy or should I say lazy to go out and buy before the big day. Even my hair, oh gosh! Kung kailan naman grad, tsaka di maayos and perm!
Loving this sequins bag gave by my mom's cousin na mobile phone lang ang kasya! Plus my folded mini fan. 
Primarily I thought if I'll be wearing my favorite color as I usually do when there is a big day. But, I don't know why I suddenly didn't opted to. I feel like I just wanna try something new. And pink is always my last pick. But this salmon pink captured my eyes. And I love it's simplicity, adding just simple gold belt seems to add class, whatever an ensemble may be. :*
Bawiin ang look sa shoes. 
I posted this shot just because of my perfectly wind-blown hair here, don't mind my facial expression! I guess it's a candid shot. :D
Forever21 bangles and bracelets (set) | Genevieve Gozum gold belt | dress from St. Francis Square |  Jellybean suede pumps


  1. Great post! I really like your outfit and pictures. The dress is so nice :)

  2. You look stunning with this dress! Love your shoes :)

  3. I'm lovin' the shoes! :) Nice new layout by the way.

    DAINTY CHIC by Loila L.

  4. Nice dress dear. :) And thanks for dropping by my blog. And I'm loving your blog layout huh. Galing ni brother. :)

  5. very chic outfit, love the shoes

  6. You've got class! Really love the dress

    Would you like to visit/follow each other <3?

    1. Hi Victoria, sure! Just comment your follow here :)
      And thanks by the way :)

  7. Lovely pictures! I ADORE those colorblock heels - Tres chic!

  8. love this dress and also your blog! It's so nice!!! I follow you!
    Pass to my blog and if it likes you follow me too, I will be so glad :D

    1. Thanks Francesca! Will read your blog now :)

  9. lovely dress, you look so adorable :)

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    1. Thank you Kelsey! And thanks for passing by my blog <3

  11. Lovely post :) very cute outfit!

    Kim xx

  12. Wow you look so pretty and stunning, lovely dress!
    Laura. xx

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