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Does it suits me? Or not? The bangs. It's my first time to have full bangs and at first I was afraid that it might not suit me. Well if not, I'll just not do it again then. But some of my friends agreed and those some were okay by now. Who cares anyway, this is what I want to explore, eh? I was so excited of what will be the outcome while I'm cutting my fringe. Yes I cut by myself, just the bangs whenever I'm feeling I wanted to have fringes on my forehead. Less expense from going to a salon when I only just have to cut bangs and not my entire mane. Also at least I can control the length unlike sometimes when I go to salon they make mistakes and ruin my hair and that's a big no no!

Lace top (mom's) | Yvana skater skirt 

I wanted to try blunt bangs ever since but it's just now that I've the courage to go for it haha. Big deal? Inspiration? Yes I do have. First, (I remember. I already forgot if there's prior than) when I'd watched New Girl starring Zooey Deschanel. Second, when I'd watched Dream High, a Korean tv series and saw Miss A's Suzy (now I'm loving some of Miss A's songs *,*), also IU's hair too. Lastly, we'd watched To The Beautiful You, also a Korean tv series starring Choi Sulli of f(x). She's just so pretty with her hair. So Sulli finally had pushed me to try it on me. Long story uh? Thanks for listening (or should I say reading) to it haha! P.S. Sistar's Hyorin from Dream High 2 have also gorgeous hair and she's also beautiful. Am I now admitting that I'm starting to be a Kpop idols fan? Even my Sony walkman have already Kpop playlist with I think 30+ songs in it. LOL. 

I went out with this chill outfit to see my dear friends few weeks ago. This skater skirt is just so comfortable and soft. Forgive me now that I'm saying too little about the outfit and too much about my mane and these kpop stuff. :D

Liked it?

This is an additional kpop song in my playlist. Me and my younger brother had ruined that repeat button for so many times (just as of the moment) haha. Naks, nagkakasundo kami sa mga ganito ngayon ah, dati nababaduyan kami seriously haha! I first appreciate them since I'd watched Dream High. Nadala siguro ng inspiring story. ;)


  1. They're really pretty on you! And your skirt is so cute! xx

  2. Your hairstyle looks good on you. It's never bad to experience new things. :)

    1. Thanks!
      Haha yeah it will never be bad :D

  3. love your skirt!
    thanks so much for your comment

  4. Nice hair!