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Have you guys already watched the epic Man of Steel too? Okaaay. I just need to say the term epic for I'm a Superman fan. This doesn't seem so true but believe it. Not so long ago but since I'd watched Superman Returns played by Brandon Routh. And I'll just say that I'm no Brandon Routh nor Henry Cavill fan (but two thumbs up for Henry Cavill!), I'm a "Superman himself, the character, and the heroic story" fan. Hmm, whoever you will be, can I be your Lois Lane? Haha!
You'll notice these photos are already my outfit shots taken indoor, I had no chance to force (force talaga lol) my mom to capture photos the usual way we do or usual setting I should say.
Moreover, mama and papa went home first, me and my younger brother... watched it twice!

 We saw this cutie and ako naman si miss 'ma, pictuuure'. =D I'm thinking of ensembling a superman inspired outfit for the day but how come I ended with this. I just noticed then I've come up of Sherlock Holmes inspired LOL. Diba? Diba? Also it's good naman that it matches the car. In addition to why I opted to wear pants is that I don't want to be bother if ever coldness attacts me while seriously watching. Plus, this is very comfortable and soft. I don't don't know what to pair with it at first, then I saw this top. The animal print part matches the brown color of the trousers and I see them plain yes but perfectly matched. And isn't it bow ties are worn on the neck? Well, it's not even a bracelet and I'm getting addicted into them these past few days that I had six colors of 'em. In short, one pack.

It's a ponytail like the one I wear here ;)
Genevieve Gozum belt (like this) | United Colours of Benetton trousers (like this)

Sheer top from St. Francis Square (like this)
Wired heart earrings (like this)

Liked it?

There's one more reason of our family movie date. It's fathers' day and superdad should have to take a great and fun rest from work too. Though we're just an average family, he's a man of steel on how he work hard for us so as not to experience so much hardship and howbeit not so much but at least could fit in with the society we're in. We're really so blessed with that. =) 

After we had church time, we headed towards SM cinema to be part of that big crowd watching that movie. We opted to just had snacks before going in, lunch will be after. We're chasing the first showing kasi. Haha.

Lois Lane: What's the 'S' stand for?
Superman: It's not an 'S'. On my world, it means hope.

And I'll just let this photo above speak of what I wanted to say. ;)
Again, happy father's day Papa! <3


  1. Your outfit looks so cute, and I have a massive craving for doughnuts now!
    Want to follow each other?

    1. Thank you Olympia! ;) Doughnuts do really taste good :D

  2. I love this casual outfit! :)

  3. you look great,love the top the most but the pants are great too.
    wanna follow each other via gfc and bloglovin?

    1. Thank you Juelz!
      Sure! ;) Just let me know and I'll follow back then.