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Chiara Ferragni: 17 things you don't know about her

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Hi everyone! It's been days since my last blog post here. Technically it's just three days yes, but talking about the outfit posts it's been almost two weeks since the last one. You ask why? The main reason's because we had bad weather here in the Philippines the past week and actually until now. Can't go out therefore can't do outfit shots. Of course not just that. Because the storm was a terrible one, we had to be alert and stay tuned on the news every now and then. Flash floods were all around the Luzon area, even here on our house, thank God it didn't go inside. Oh stormy weather, the sad days. Hopefully now those people who suffered the most are now in good condition, receiving relief goods and help from fellow countrymen. Moving on now and continuing their lives.
Still, #PrayfothePhilippines.


Let me first introduce to you what is Ahaishopping. It's a Korean street style women's fashion clothing online store offering [of course] women's apparel, bags, shoes, jewelry, and other fashion stuff. Good thing about it is that they offer FREE SHIPPING worldwide and they have these affordable collection like the $9.99 and the $19.8 collection. They update almost 300 products each week and those are definitely belong to the latest fashion trend. 

This time it's easier to join, no need to register to be a valid contestant. It's open internationally so everyone can join! This contest is absolutely free, you'll not be charged of anything.