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So...where do I start? 
I couldn't blog for almost weeks. We had experienced a Super Typhoon here on our place just a week ago and just starting to move on.Trees died. That was the first time I experienced such storm here in Tarlac.
Trauma, indeed.
It was totally black out for days and just had our electrical connection back [I think] two days ago.
Until now we had no Internet connection.
I'm currently at the mall now to share some wifi connection, and few minutes more and this laptop is going to shut down already. As well as my Kindle.
Maybe I could tell more detailed story when we got our Internet connection back at home.

I just wanna let my dear readers know about my blogging hiatus.
No, I didn't quit blogging. Of course, not.
I love blogging, I love my readers.
Hopefully, I could continue blogging soon.

I guess, this is all for now.
Take care everyone. 

P.S. Another sad story from the Visayas. They'd been attacked by an Intensity 7.2 earthquake and until now huge aftershocks are still recurring. Really heart-breaking. 


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