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See my eyes are watching, hear my heart it's pounding. Whatever I do, wherever I go it's for you. Just took some lines from one of the soundtracks of the hit kdrama this season --- Heirs. Sorry for mentioning this tv series numerous times here on the blog haha, just can't get enough of it wishing they'll extend the episodes more. Also my outfit for today is obviously Korean inspired, I always love to see Korean girls [oh yeah, those kpop girl groups in particular lol] in loose sweaters or any long sleeves plus boots. Unfortunately it's a No-No to wear knee-length boots here okay. I'm pretty sure you know what I'm sayin'. :) But today's weather is a mixed emotion, hot and cold. Hence I didn't regret wearing sweatshirt in a tropical country like here to protect my skin from the sun and simultaneously to warm me when the cold strikes, and to balance it off I wore shorts instead of any pants. I love that it's so windy outside and I wish my hair would stay like this forever! Bangs out for now.



It was too late and we actually didn't catch the early sunrise after we had our errand before we shoot. These were taken later than 8am and it was already moderately hot but thanks for the cold wind too I was able to stand under the sun without the tiis ganda. It was just a pleasant morning. If you read my previous posts here, I said that I'll be raising awareness here on the blog for the recent strongest typhoon Yolanda/Haiyan that had hit our country. And that is I'll be posting white ensembles for a week so if you're a new reader and noticed I'm always in white because it's my favorite, no it's not. But little by little I think I'm getting into it, it's so versatile and I feel like organized and neat with it. 



Certainly it's during these 'ber' months. The breeze is really getting colder here during mornings yet the sun genuinely shines at its brightest joining the cold wind with some warm atmosphere that made me able to wear this floppy hat to protect my hair from the heat of the sun. Usually it's hot when I try to wear leggings during warm season but now I feel like I want to overuse them while I could. 

How about you darlings? How do you love your weather there? :)



As said from my previous post, another white ensemble entry for today's. Isn't this shirt look very Asian? Chinese in particular. Dressing up like this feels like an office girl and a touch of maroon finishes off the entire casual corporate look well. Change into sexy black stilettos, a black handbag, a belt and into sleek bun hair-do if you opt to be so formal. Moreover, this skirt is I think my mom's too. Remember how I found so many interesting old new in for my little wardrobe?

I visited into my dad's office after running some errands and took the chance to have outfit shots inside the newly renovated premises. I know you're thinking that my dad took these photos for the blog but no I did. Thanks for having a tripod. I just wish he would also try someday. Though I told him part of my visit is to do this blogger duty haha! He even went upstairs after to call me to have lunch already so it's a random father-daughter lunch date too for that day and I think it was the first. :) While roaming around on the fourth floor on that building, so many had changed. We grew up there hence remembering some childhood memories with some friends years ago. 

See more and scroll down for some shopping surprises. :)



Suddenly there came my white craze and filling up my wardrobe with whites is not usual to me. I even have more blacks and whites now than my favorite color which is blue and as I noticed I barely wear that color and post outfit shots with it. Nah! Talk about the outfit for the day (these shots were taken right after we'd donated), while sorting our old clothes from our old cabinets to donate to the Yolanda victims here ["It's not how much we give but how much love we put into giving" - Mother Teresa], I found some old good pieces to add in my closet and most of them are not mine but my mom's when she's on her 20's. Yes, I'm just half of her age now! I actually have already seen them long time ago but it's only now that I appreciate 'em. Blogger instinct for creativity? I guess so. Also that they are versatile ones and I could probably wear them over and over again in different style. I think sweatshirts don't really suits the weather here in PH, even though it's getting cold now it's still hot during daytime. But this one I'm wearing is so comfortable and didn't give me that tiis ganda cause of sweat. It was just like wearing a plain white shirt. And because I'm in all plain black and white, I added that feline touch for some printed details. Isn't it so Korean wearing sweatshirt over a collared shirt? #fanmode

Not only because of my white craze  but I also opted to wear white to raise awareness and support for the recent Typhoon Yolanda (Haiyan) victims. In Chinese tradition, individuals wear white when they/we mourn. So expect more white outfits here on my blog for this week. The whole country and the Filipino people are now still being sympathetic as well as the whole world. To the different nations who gave aids, donation, compassion, and most of all have shown their love, Thank You All So Much! That, we, the Filipino People, will never forget. #bangonpilipinas! Life goes on.

To all internet savvy here and there, I also want to share this another way on how you can help the Typhoon Yolanda (Haiyan) victims. All of us can help. Check out this link.



My apology for wearing same skater skirts for three consecutive posts. Haha. If you're a regular reader of this blog, you may notice I'd already wore slightly same outfit but still different. Remember this from Ahaishopping? I love how small my wardrobe is because I could be creative enough to mix and match my clothing over and over again. Is it that nice? :) This see through chiffon shirt really suits the weather here, now it's pretty cold, later it's getting warm again. If you're the type who don't want too much revealing attire, wear bandeau instead of the usual brassiere under see through tops. The shirt and skirt both have really good quality and surely I'll be posting more different looks wearing these two pieces. 



I don't mind wearing same style of skirt for consecutive days, I'm totally in love with them. I love that skater skirts like this one doesn't bring so much of your femininity side unlike maxi skirts do. I opted to style it with the androgynous look -- partly male and partly female in appearance. The black tank top gave the look its manly side with a military tag or commonly known by many as dog tag and an aviator sunglasses. This look would have been truly a bolder military inspired if my denim polo is replaced by this army waistcoat and these boots. Nevertheless, I love how light this outfit is and that I can wear this acid wash denim in different styles. 

I wore this when we watched Thor 2: The Dark World a week ago with my special girl friends. It has been so long since we've all been together, so the heavy rain that day wasn't able to stop us from leaving the house and go. One of them, she and I didn't even see each other for a year until last week. I really missed them hundredfold and hoping to catch up again soon. While we were in cinema4 with those gals and our guy friend, my parents and brother on the other hand watching the same movie from cinema3. So it was (sort of) a family and friends movie date for the first time. :)

Good night to all! Now I shall watch Heirs' episode 8. Who are k-drama/kpop fans there? Join me! :)



How are you dear readers? I hope you're all doing fine. I missed you guys! I've already posted previously about my long blog hiatus and this is my first post tonight after what had happened. Sadly, as we're watching the news a while ago, a super typhoon will be entering the Philippines again within few hours now and as the experts say, it will be the strongest one above all that our country had experienced this year. I will not elaborate more about this tragedies anymore. Trauma it is. My heart just won't stop pounding until it ends. I want to just move on and be thankful that our family is fine. Pray more, worry less. 

On the other hand of tonight's post, just like the print on my shirt I suddenly feel like singing. Yes, a song related on this outfit. "You are my dream, you are my hope, you are my love and baby you are my heart. I want you to know and let it show that I'm in love. Everytime I see you near I wanna be close to you but how can it be? 'Cause I know it's impossible to make it happen, still you are." Maybe I'll find time to try to record this song haha. It's just that this is my last song syndrome since I heard it and that's I think since last week. Anyway, enough of this diary thing hahaha! What do you think of my simple shirt and skirt look? And also I made some simple blog layout revamp here. Let me know which is better, the previous one or this? :)