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It was just so cold that morning and thought this will be my chance to wear this wool sweater. Knowing cold weather isn't usual here as well as thick sweaters like this, but still had the guts to have this and wear haha! The print is just so attractive and the colors. Paired it with a nude leggings so the sweater will be the center of attraction (literally? yeah!). By the way, I read some reviews about this wool sweater that it's so itchy on the skin and honestly yes it is but only if you wear it straight from the store (shipment I must say) without washing. I washed it twice first and worries gone! Hope you liked this look! Should get some sleep now. Good night! 



The color of mind and the intellect. It is optimistic and cheerful. So what color I'm talking about? It's so obvious with the outfit. Who loves yellow? Do you? Aside from my super favorite blue, the next color I always hunt when shopping for stuff if blue is not available is yellow. But not the bright one like neon type. I love this kind of shades I'm wearing here, the creamy ones. Lighter hue than this dress will be my pick. If you want to be a scene-stealer sweetly on the streets, go for full-polished yellow dress with some interesting details on it. Yeah, I'm pointing to this specific dress. This is my first ever one and I'm loving it! Had already thought what other looks I could create on this dress. Oooh, sounds like summer outfitting is perfect for this one and it's nearly coming again guys!

So, I wore this on a job interview with a pair of appropriate pointed flats (haha). Otherwise, I opt to wear boots on the streets. It's more striking. On the other hand, ballerina flats are cute and sweet but pointed flats are savior if you need to attend in a corporate attire but hate heels. This dress is love, soft-quality fabric, and good detailing. The only problem is that it's loose for my size, though this is already the smallest size. Am I really that slim? Haha!

Do you also love the dress? The color? Would you also love to have one? You could! This store, Everbuying, had teamed up with Smize With Style for a giveaway and one lucky blog reader will win a $20 store credit to be spent on the site. It's totally free shipping. And if you want this dress, you can find it here. The giveaway will run for a month starting now and all you have to do is fill up the requirements on the rafflecopter below. Note that the first 3 requirements are mandatory. Good luck everyone! 

Giveaway ends on February 25, 2014.



Taken last week, I had met one of my lovely readers (Zane Saria) in San Miguel Tarlac. She's so sweet she e-mailed me if we can meet each other while she's here on my place because of work assignment. I hope were able to chit-chat and walk around together but we had just limited time as you can see it's almost sunset, oh yeah it actually was when we met and she was so sweet to take some shots of my outfit that day hurriedly. It was my first time to meet a reader and really it's fun. I hope I could meet many more too someday, to thank you personally for following this humble blog. Love lots lovelies! 


Today I found out this interesting store called Love Nail Tree and thought to do a post with my wishlist from the store (you can click on the photos for more details). I really love the Take Aim collection. Surely they'll go well with any kinds of outfit - gothic, laid-back, chic, corporate, etc. What captures my eyes is the story behind their collection. These arrow necklace is like pertaining to 'dream'. An arrow is a product of years of dedication. To take aim on what we do means to approach it with intentionality. Time alone determines the ability to hit our bull's-eyes (from the site). And of course the most important, with Him above, you can reach your goals. By the way, this is not a sponsored post, I really just love these items. :) So, what's your aim?



Good morning! I'm back with this sleek hairstyle and a new blog look. I love my not-so-new layout, it's so me. With the basic high school stock knowledge and a little help from Google, I'd arrange my sidebar and  isn't it more clean and organized than before? Also finally put a sticky menu bar for an easy navigation of this blog. Hope you guys liked it! 

Now, I want to introduce to you my Zindigo shop, you can see it on the menu bar above. You must check it out, especially if you love luxe and designer brands. And if you liked it, you can go to my facebook and be updated. You can also shop there directly. Also, if you browse my new sidebar you'll see the Fashion meets Philanthropy, click it and you could help by sharing too to your friends! Lastly, don't forget your gift cards from me, I'm giving away two, from pariscoming and bornprettystore (see my sidebar for the coupon codes, you can use it on all orders sitewide, so grab and shop for the trendy things this season!). 

Have a nice day everyone!



Maybe you're thinking you already saw this blue-green shirt from my previous post just two days ago and yes it's this shirt again. As I've said before and I think I always say it here haha, I only have a small wardrobe and that means I wear my clothes over and over again until I finally feel satiate with them then that's the time maybe I need to dispose them out already. I don't mean throw them out (of course!), what I'm saying is to sell and then afterwards I could buy new ones again. Sometimes, I donate them to the needy instead of selling, if and only if those certain apparel could be used by them (party dresses or whatsoever shiny and printed mini skirts of course will not be useful to them, so giving food and the basic needs will be of more sell the old clothes and buy food, that's it.). 

Light and bright --- I can manage to wear two pieces long sleeves shirt here, only if the fabric is this light. Yeah, they are both see-through. So as you may see, this pieces are already so familiar if you're a regular reader of this blog. Well, I'm starting to clean my little closet and open up again my online shop to sell them already and have a new ones. New year, more new inspirational outfits for you, particularly to those who also have small wardrobe like me. I hope from my past outfit posts, which, almost all of them I wear three to five times already and still keep wearing it again, hope you were still inspired on how to 'wear it again' in a different way and look.

Moreover, I am giving away this exclusive 20% off coupon on all orders from If you liked this cozy look, you can shop almost same pieces from the said store and you can see my recommended ones below this post, you can click on the photos. Don't forget to insert the coupon code upon (smizewithstyle8&hh) checking out. Only until January 29, 2014. Grab it now! 



Back when I was younger and still in high school, I always splurge for dangling (or what the fashion world called as statement pieces) earrings. The bigger and longer the more captivates me (well as long as my ears can handle them...) and really got used to it (except when school days of course), I was in love with the colorful ones no matter what season. Now it seems my favorites are the opposites, back then the reason that I love danglings is that I don't need to lock them up to keep the pair of earrings stayed on my earlobes. Since college years I love these (you'll see below) simple and oh-so-cute ones. But don't judge them with their size 'cause they too are adorable and usually the ones who have stories to tell (especially when given by someone, hmm, you know what I'm saying..). Nevertheless, I love both, as long as they shout for fashion and of course of my style taste. It always depends on what time or what season of the day it is and what you feel like wearing to finish off your perfectly done outfit. How about you, what earrings do you prefer?

Now I want to introduce to you this shop,, you can find lots of studded earrings with the lowest prices and the good news is I'm giving 10% off coupon on all orders (just enter this code - CQT10 upon checking out) to all of you who will shop in there plus it's free shipping worldwide so you don't need to worry about it. Some of my favorites are posted below this post. You can click each of the photos to direct you on the product page. 



DressV introduces their A-line Princess Wedding Dresses Collection. So you're thinking this is supposedly a style blog and contents should be regarding the blogger's style but hey wedding dresses are fashion too. Not that I'm dreaming of what will be the look of my future wedding gown (haha that's so so in the future pa) but this kind is my taste (I guess for now, you know people always and style change too). Nevertheless, what I like is the detachable blue details, you know how much I love the color and mostly is those adorable drapes. They have so many dresses to choose from, go check it out and tell your friends maybe you have ones who'll planning their 'the day' soon. 



New beginnings await for this new year. I didn't prepare a new year's resolution as I plan to make lots of it, my daily and weekly and monthly goals as a blogger and in personal life. I want to change more things this year and try new ones. Thanking all of you from the bottom of my heart who's been reading this blog since the very beginning when I created it a year and a half ago. With that span of time, I learned things I never knew I would and could learn, all just through blogging. I hope you'll be with me again throughout exploring this 2014. My biggest and top goal for this year is to come out from my shell and explore more about life. Life begins at the end of your comfort zone. Pinky swear to myself! I wish you too all the best in your 2014 life my loves!