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After a year and three months, I'd said bye bye to my long permed hair and hello to my fringe now. I actually been thinking whether to reperm or not but  for now I'll have it this way maybe for months or until I feel like perming it again. So, what do you think of it? A-h-h, been away for daaaaays from blogging since I had my first ever job, oh 8-5. Now I know the feeling.



I'm in love with this dress, this will surely be a bestfriend during lazy dressing 'cause the print alone can add on your gloomy vibes. It's also good for the coming summer because its fabric is smooth and slightly see-through. It's my second week in a corporate job and first ever job experience, getting more and more busy now. But of course, never will I leave this blog and especially you my loves! Besides, I love being busy, in a productive way. Also of course having enough sleep is still the priority. So good night loves!!



Had worked for a week and took my first Sunday day-off with location shooting. Location shooting it is! Mom and I went to Tarlac Recreational Park, kinda gone with some road-trip too. How do you find this pink chiffon cardigan? It's perfect for summer cover-up. Also, didn't want to be so girly on this look and color, hence finished it with these black shoes. These aren't boots, but just a pair of flat shoes with socks.  I think it's not really a dress but a shirt. But with my petite size, I chose to have it as the casual little black dress. Oh, wind, wind, wind, you blew me away refreshingly. Good night!