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Summer heat is on again and that means more looks with barelegged. Leather for summer? Why not. But just make sure the inside fabric will not keep you sweaty and uncomfortable all day and leather shorts may be accepted, but full pants under this kind of heat? Good luck haha! I wore this aztec crop top (okay it doesn't look like crop top, blame it on my short torso!) just to add details on this plain look. What do you think? Really a comfy lazy dressing. Well, good night for now!



If only I can go to office like this. That feeling... Oh well. So it's spring dressing again and what I love with this season is seeing sweet pastel colors here and there. Onto my ensemble, nothing special just a plain tee and skirt. Good colors really bring life to any dull and plain fabric. It's just in a matter of good color combination, light yet crisp. Finished it off with these heels to add up a bit of sophistication. Imagine if I wore flats or sneakers. So, how do you like this look? Also, I'm currently falling in love with my short hair, thought I couldn't give up my long mane but then... trying new things is good!



Pairing red with white makes a clean and crisp get-up yet still striking like when you go with black if you want a bolder version. So in love with this skinny slash flare pants, it goes well with the flare-y cuts of my biker-like blazer. I like the flare part better because it makes petite size to have longer-looking legs. 

Again time to sleep now to save energy again for my 8-5 tomorrow. #therealworld Good night loves!