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I miss everyone here, my dear readers and followers! I shall admit, with my nine hours six days a week work, got no time to blog and even visit my blog. And this really makes me feel sad and incomplete. Tried some ways to have time to shoot before I go to work but still...well because we have uniform and that's really a problem for me as a fashion blogger. I even hadn't made a post for this blog's two years anniversary. Does it count though? I don't even blog a lot this 2014. :(

Enough of this little drama, go on to this simple outfit but it's so chic. I got this crop top from MiNT Addict for only Php150 and it has a soft fabric! And the skirt? Ta---daa! Php50 from a thrift shop! You believe it? So, do you like the simple get-up too? (And oh sorry for not ironing the skirt, too lazy that day to haha). Thank you my friend G for taking these shots as always!

Crop top: MiNT
Maxi Skirt: thrift shop


  1. thats such a pretty and girly outfit , loved your shoes
    keep in touch

    1. Thanks dear! Keeping in touch indeed! You too :)

  2. Love your outfit. You look really pretty :)

  3. It's good to be busy! As long as you find some time to blog that's all that matters. Cute outfit, love the heels!