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Shake up the happiness, it's Christmas time everyone! Can you already feel the Christmas breeze? This is when living in a province feels so goooood because here you wouldn't (or should I say just mild) see those black smoke happening in the highways and roads in the big cities of metro.  In spite of that, two weeks from now and I'll be fighting against it this time! Affirmatively, vast opportunities are there and so....


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If only I'm good at illustrating then I think I'll choose to design wedding dresses. Meanwhile, again I've found an online shop that sells ready-to-wear wedding dresses from UK but you can also absolutely have it altered for a better fit. Millybridal has a wide range of collection, most of the designs are the stunning laces women love, dazzling embellishments, elegant ribbons, and splendid satin. For this post, I chose the strap laces (you know I always love laces) collection. My favorite is the first photo, so beautiful. In church weddings specifically, I love to see conservative wedding gowns more than those too much revealing ones (you know what I'm saying) that are just seem so inappropriate. As for me, being conservative doesn't always mean that you need to be covered overall especially in this modern times where people most often want to see stylish things and brides would want to be in their most gorgeous self on their most unforgettable event in their lives. With that said, you can always consider styling the back part of the dress instead if you can't resist revealing some of your flawless skin. 


Currently staring infront of the monitor and kept thinking of thoughts I'd share but (oh no!)... my head is just too blank todaaay. Anyway, I'll just post this simple beach getup shot in Laiya Batangas. What do you think of this (thrifted I think 'cause I just stole this from my mom's closet haha) dress used as a cover up? 


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Be it simple or elegant, every girls dream of having a dreamy moment while walking in the aisle. Who doesn't? Oh dear future... That dream starts with a sophisticated princess-like wedding gown and a theme of your choice. For this post, I've thought of four wedding gown themes and featuring vintage wedding dresses from Aisle Style. They have numerous kinds of wedding gowns from silk to laces and these four are my favorite ones. They're simple and because of their flowy bottoms, they really look so dreamy. My chosen themes are modern, fairytale, boho, and royal. For me the gown that gives the most romantic feels is the fairytale. By the way, click directly on the images for full details of the gowns.


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Bloggys is a nationwide blog awarding event in the Philippines and their first launch will be this 2015 and happening on 21st of November.  Everyone can join the event just have your tickets reserve here. It's so exciting to network and meet new people especially if you're in the same niche and love the same stuff. Still thinking of going or not? Here, you can browse the list of bloggers who are attending and you might find your favorite blogs. See you there! 


If  mixing and matching clothes is your hobby, two thumbs up for you 'cause we all know that it takes effoooort to come up with totally sophisticated ensemble. But sometimes, there are those lazy days (admit it okay everyone has 'em haha!) we just end up going out with that classic shirt and jeans combo. Why go out with that if you can opt to wear effortlessly stylish dresses like these ones from CocoMelody. Right? Right! There are many choices from their collection but these three pieces are my most favorite ones. What are yours? You can click on the photos below to see more of the details. 


Good news to those who are helping out the economy, okay what I mean is you shopaholics out there! Okaaaay, trying to have a sense of humor here but I guess I'm not really good at it. Laugh (at self)! Anyway, back to what I'm saying, Kango Express , an international shopping and shipping company, launches this 2015 to different countries and now it has also launched in the Philippines last October 28. At Kango, you can choose to shop at their partnered merchants (US or UK store) that you love and let Kango deliver your orders straight to your door step. With that, hello Amazon! 


Me and my ever blonde friend attended the Blogger Babes Asia launch in Taguig City Manila. The event was headed by Heidi Nazarudin of The Ambitionista together with her Clozette Team. Anyway, sadly I have no photos taken of the event proper and so I'll just share what I wore there. Whenever I commute to go to an event or for a vacation or hangout with relatives, I usually opt to wear something comfortable (as for me). For me one-piece are comfy to move around, and this dress is not only comfy but also lively too. This bright-colored chevron-printed dress is so loud, isn't it? People in the street just tend to look you up and down. But that's okay. And oh is that because I added more of a pop with the orange socks? At first I thought it'll look good with the outfit, instead of wearing heels. And luckily I wasn't cold when I got home (oh socks you had your purpose for the day huh), the air-condition of the bus was very cold. What do you think with this ensemble? Does it went well with the denim outerwear?


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I found this folder on my desktop which contains these photos from last summer that I hadn't shared yet here. Although it's cold and gloomy feeling these days are on, this outfit is still a refreshment from those bed-weather days we're all feeling right now. No excess-orizing needed because the shirt already stands out on its own. I love this shirt I'm thinking to style it in a corporate look the next time I will wear it. Like me who loves restyling, do you also love pieces that can be worn in different looks? It's fun right? :)


Last month, I was able to attend the Cream Silk Portraits Event at The Theatre, Solaire Resort & Casino. It was nice meeting like-minded people and becoming friends with them. Really it was like we're college friends, we became so clingy with each other that fast laughing with each other's corny jokes. But before the premiere night, some of us had actually met days before when we did our outfit shopping brought to you by H&M at SM Makati. The girls are so nice and sweet. So we did our fitting and I came up with this budgeted two-piece attire. I opted to just turn a casual piece into a formal look instead of picking a gown or a dress and I think it worked. Ain't it? Minimal accessories to finish up this classic chic look, gold plated bracelets and ring and will never go wrong with the classic red nails. 


Summer is nearly ending and wet season is coming on its way so throw out your crop tops out from the closet and groove with some skin while these (super) hot days still last. Although news are saying that El NiƱo will likely to stick around this 2015 and in here we're now experiencing its mild effect. It's really getting hotter and hotter that I couldn't even choose to wear jeans or any other thick fabric, I wished I had many shorts that are easy to wear like these ones from DRESSLINK. I find ternos like these (and rompers too) easy to wear during times of 'uggh..I can't think of what to wear today...' Okay fine, in short, lazy days. With the colors, prints, and details, it's like you had still put some effort to dress up even if it's really not. Just pick a nice pair of footwear and some simple accessories and you're effortlessly chic to go to a music festival like the Close Up Forever Summer 2015 happening today!


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Been so looooong since I was able to blog! Currently a little bum at home 24/7, been two weeks from now I guess, and starting applying for a new job and getting back into my passion which is -- you know it's obvious haha. This time I'm hoping to be able to get the job that I really want (fingers crossed). It was a bit hard to leave because of the nice people there in my previous workplace, they're just so good and fun to be with especially with the closest colleagues/friends I had there. That slightly resulted to the delay of my resignation. Reason accepted? Of course! But then, as much as I wanna be with them, I just a need to find the job that fits me more. Did you ever feel the same way? Yeah?



Excited for this year's Prom? If you don't want to look so formal then you should try tulle dress. I found this shop Pickedresses, an online shop specifically for Prom dresses from Canada. Pickedresses is a most trusted cheap prom dresses online store in Canada. They offer an enhanced boutique experience online with a wide range of accessories. They have lots of good choices and for this part I chose these captivating beaded tulle dresses.