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Excited for this year's Prom? If you don't want to look so formal then you should try tulle dress. I found this shop Pickedresses, an online shop specifically for Prom dresses from Canada. Pickedresses is a most trusted cheap prom dresses online store in Canada. They offer an enhanced boutique experience online with a wide range of accessories. They have lots of good choices and for this part I chose these captivating beaded tulle dresses.

Have you ever dream of being that gorgeous ballerina on stage doing that wonderful routine wearing a gorgeous tulle as the usual ballerina gorgeous? It's funny when I think I was once a kid back then who dreamt that I can be such. I remember I wad in elementary or grade three specifically when I had thought of asking permission from my parents to join a ballerina workshop when a group came to our school and presented their workshops. But unfortunately that wasn't happen and maybe it's just not for me. So yeah, here's a little of my long long time ago story.

Speaking of these tulle gowns, reminiscing our Junior-Senior Prom when I was in high school I think 9 years ago (oh I feel getting old already), I wore two dresses, one that is long and one that is short. It was like a balloon dress and color teal I think. I wore that purposefully for our special dance number which is the Swing Dance. That is why I chose to change gown I thought I woudn't survived if I sticked to my long gown doing fast steps and those turning moments.

As much as I loved my flowy short gown back then which I used for a special swing dance number, I wished I worn one of these tulle ones. Ahh --- they're just so lovely. Those beads embellishments made them more special and so dreamy, added my favorite color! I think the design is classy and I love classic stuff thay is why I'm so in love with these gorgeous dresses! Finished it off with an updo braid and golden stilettos and you are good to face the crowd like a princess.

Anyway, you can click on the photos above to see more details of the dresses. Are you having your Prom this year? Go on and try Pickedresses!


  1. the dresses are super duper pretty
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  2. These pictures are so beautiful,and i love these photos.