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Summer is nearly ending and wet season is coming on its way so throw out your crop tops out from the closet and groove with some skin while these (super) hot days still last. Although news are saying that El NiƱo will likely to stick around this 2015 and in here we're now experiencing its mild effect. It's really getting hotter and hotter that I couldn't even choose to wear jeans or any other thick fabric, I wished I had many shorts that are easy to wear like these ones from DRESSLINK. I find ternos like these (and rompers too) easy to wear during times of 'uggh..I can't think of what to wear today...' Okay fine, in short, lazy days. With the colors, prints, and details, it's like you had still put some effort to dress up even if it's really not. Just pick a nice pair of footwear and some simple accessories and you're effortlessly chic to go to a music festival like the Close Up Forever Summer 2015 happening today!