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Last month, I was able to attend the Cream Silk Portraits Event at The Theatre, Solaire Resort & Casino. It was nice meeting like-minded people and becoming friends with them. Really it was like we're college friends, we became so clingy with each other that fast laughing with each other's corny jokes. But before the premiere night, some of us had actually met days before when we did our outfit shopping brought to you by H&M at SM Makati. The girls are so nice and sweet. So we did our fitting and I came up with this budgeted two-piece attire. I opted to just turn a casual piece into a formal look instead of picking a gown or a dress and I think it worked. Ain't it? Minimal accessories to finish up this classic chic look, gold plated bracelets and ring and will never go wrong with the classic red nails. 

During the event proper, just after me and my friend arrived at the place, we were called to do our makeup and hair already. I love my whole look that night, a nude smokey look and bombshell curls. The guy who did my makeup was even friendly, we talk random things while he's transforming my face. Well he was that nice and fun. So take a look at my whole look for the night. What do you think of it?

Now let's talk about the Cream Silk Portraits film that we (luckily) were able to watch first at The Theatre before having it aired on national television. All of us have our dreams and the chances to achieve those dreams, it's just a matter of right timing and right attitude. Focus will always be the key also. Distractions should've no place just like Anne says when she receives tons of negative reactions from people, she just practices the 'art of deadma',  just let it go.  As Eleanor Roosevelt stated, "The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams." Watch the full film which I had attached below and be inspired to start chasing your dreams.

Crop top: H&M
Maxi skirt: H&M
Accessories: H&M
Shoes: GIBI

You can also shop the look here:


  1. Oh, I love your hair! Love the slit on your maxi skirt too.

  2. Such nice outfit, I like skirt so much and your hair is amazing. Maybe we could follow each other let me know :)