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Good news to those who are helping out the economy, okay what I mean is you shopaholics out there! Okaaaay, trying to have a sense of humor here but I guess I'm not really good at it. Laugh (at self)! Anyway, back to what I'm saying, Kango Express , an international shopping and shipping company, launches this 2015 to different countries and now it has also launched in the Philippines last October 28. At Kango, you can choose to shop at their partnered merchants (US or UK store) that you love and let Kango deliver your orders straight to your door step. With that, hello Amazon! 


Me and my ever blonde friend attended the Blogger Babes Asia launch in Taguig City Manila. The event was headed by Heidi Nazarudin of The Ambitionista together with her Clozette Team. Anyway, sadly I have no photos taken of the event proper and so I'll just share what I wore there. Whenever I commute to go to an event or for a vacation or hangout with relatives, I usually opt to wear something comfortable (as for me). For me one-piece are comfy to move around, and this dress is not only comfy but also lively too. This bright-colored chevron-printed dress is so loud, isn't it? People in the street just tend to look you up and down. But that's okay. And oh is that because I added more of a pop with the orange socks? At first I thought it'll look good with the outfit, instead of wearing heels. And luckily I wasn't cold when I got home (oh socks you had your purpose for the day huh), the air-condition of the bus was very cold. What do you think with this ensemble? Does it went well with the denim outerwear?