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Good news to those who are helping out the economy, okay what I mean is you shopaholics out there! Okaaaay, trying to have a sense of humor here but I guess I'm not really good at it. Laugh (at self)! Anyway, back to what I'm saying, Kango Express , an international shopping and shipping company, launches this 2015 to different countries and now it has also launched in the Philippines last October 28. At Kango, you can choose to shop at their partnered merchants (US or UK store) that you love and let Kango deliver your orders straight to your door step. With that, hello Amazon! 

"One of the advantages of Kango Express is that it is supported by a partner air freight company. This allows us to secure lower prices and better service than working through another company. We can also offer our customers in house service to ship larger items by air, land, or ship without looking for another provider."

I think one of their good service for me will be the Free Resizing where they try to reduce the volume weight of packages whenever possible to save customers' money. Who wouldn't want that right? And as it said, it's free of charge and doesn't add any processing time to your packages! 

We're lucky to personally meet Kango Express's managing partner Mr. Michael Brockert at the launching event held at Society Lounge, Makati. Watch video below for his (effort) Tagalog welcome speech.

Host Bea Benedicto and Robyn making fun moments interacting with all of us.

Kango Express also welcomes Mr. James MacCarthy, senior commercial officer of the US Embassy Commercial Service.

Having fun with the funny Robyn the kangaroo! 

I want to be girly too sometimes but whenever I attend events I opt to be in pants since I'll still travel (commute okaaay) all the way from Tarlac City. That means comfortable is a must and in this case, the garterized pants is really comfy all day. 

Just in time for the Christmas Season so go shop now! Register for free at Kango Express and enjoy 20% off for your first shipment. Ready to be #happified!

It's tea time and I'm here browsing at Amazon and excited to try out Kango for the home delivery. I'll be blogging about my shipping experience after those goodies had appeared in front of our door step.


  1. totally love your outfit, such nice cape
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  2. Lovely outfit, as always! Thanks for sharing :)
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