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If only I'm good at illustrating then I think I'll choose to design wedding dresses. Meanwhile, again I've found an online shop that sells ready-to-wear wedding dresses from UK but you can also absolutely have it altered for a better fit. Millybridal has a wide range of collection, most of the designs are the stunning laces women love, dazzling embellishments, elegant ribbons, and splendid satin. For this post, I chose the strap laces (you know I always love laces) collection. My favorite is the first photo, so beautiful. In church weddings specifically, I love to see conservative wedding gowns more than those too much revealing ones (you know what I'm saying) that are just seem so inappropriate. As for me, being conservative doesn't always mean that you need to be covered overall especially in this modern times where people most often want to see stylish things and brides would want to be in their most gorgeous self on their most unforgettable event in their lives. With that said, you can always consider styling the back part of the dress instead if you can't resist revealing some of your flawless skin. 

V-neck satin appliqued dress

Lace strap tulle dress

Lace satin with white buttons dress

V-neck tulle dress

V-neck lace tulle dress

Sheath satin dress

What's your favorite with these ideas? 

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