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Shake up the happiness, it's Christmas time everyone! Can you already feel the Christmas breeze? This is when living in a province feels so goooood because here you wouldn't (or should I say just mild) see those black smoke happening in the highways and roads in the big cities of metro.  In spite of that, two weeks from now and I'll be fighting against it this time! Affirmatively, vast opportunities are there and so....

Anyway, back to what should this post is all about (haha), there are only 44 days 08 hours 01 minutes 29 seconds (as of this moment while I'm composing this blog post) to go before we celebrate the birth of His son our savior! People are delighted to start pulling out their Christmas trees from their storage rooms and festoon it with garlands and stars, hang Christmas socks everywhere inside of their houses believing that Santa Claus will be roaming around with his reindeers at Christmas Eve to fill them with gifts for the obedient kids. Favorite part at night is those colorful Christmas lights that are blinking anywhere on the road. This holiday is indeed so precious that we put so much effort in preparation. Years ago I was also a kid who believes that Santa is really coming to fulfill my wishlist! I also remember hanging my little brother's socks everywhere and we fill them with twenties and pennies and yes he laughs and questions us all if Santa really did came; truth is he knows it's just us --- smart kid! (To my li'l brother who I know always look after us up there, we really miss you so much...) 

Caution: get your eyes ready cause this post is full of reds & the word Christmas :D

Moving on, SM City Tarlac had recently launched their Christmas Express. This centerpiece is so eye catchy and beautiful. Seeing those giant Christmas gift boxes, have you already completed your holiday wish list for this year? Let me share mine.

Indeed it's a list.. 

1. Fujifilm X-A2
2. Headphones. Yes it should be in dodgerblue or turquoise or mint always.
3. Condenser microphone. Gonna learn and try my other long-time devotion to the next level. 
4. Parisian laced up sandals. Even though you can live with that tiis-ganda moments, busy days in the office with heels is definitely a stressful idea so I'll be needing these flat comfy yet stylish ones.
5. Parisian bag. Already have the blue one and eyeing for that magenta this time. I've lots of stuff (including the pampaarte ones, guilty with that!) I can't leave the house without them so I'm really into functional bags.
6. Parisian peep toe ankle boots. No matter how comfy I want to be, still craving to wear chunky heels!
7. Kiera Cass' 'The Heirs' & 'Happily Ever After' books. I'm a fan of her The Selection series - oh my fairytale fantasy.
8. ZenPower. Every social media enthusiasts need a reliable power bank to save us all day long posting our perfectly angled flatlays.
9. Ceramic flat iron. I use it as straightener slash curler and I always bring such when I go out of town instead of bringing a flat iron and a curling iron - minimize luggage weight & maximize space whenever possible. Lucky if I find one in turquoise!
10. Revlon brow fantasy & 11. Elf studio lip stain. I can always go out without full makeup, just BB, groomed brows, and lip balm and tint and I'm good. 
12. Asus Eeebook X205. Obviously I can't carry the desktop if I'm going to rent in other place for work so I'll be needing an affordable notebook that has all the necessary features required for my everyday computing. And I want it portable.

What are yours? Comment below if you wanna share 'em.

If you have a wishlist for yourself, you gotta have a list for your loved ones too. Let's be their Santa Claus this season.

For mama:
1. Juicer. So she can diy and drink any juice she wants at home and be more healthy.
2. Parisian comfy sandals. She loves them they really have comfy insoles.

For papa:
3. Philips portable radio. He can actually listen to radio all day long, be it music or news!
4 & 5. Milanos shoes. He's the type who wears the same pair of shoes everyday 'til they're worn out. But I still choose to gift him pairs and force to wear them haha. 

For younger brother:
6. Headphones. Music lover we are.

For friends or cousins (girls/boys):
7, 8 & 9. Happy Socks. They're so funky and cool. I think these are great for gifting when you can't think of something, effortless yet smart. But if they're classic type ones, don't worry Happy Socks also have subtle collection.

What do you think of my gift ideas?

Let's #PayItForward. Gift-giving especially for this season doesn't only mean for the family, relatives, and friends. It's also the great time to give to those who are much in need. Last year, I gave some of my childhood toys to some of indigent kids in our place, seeing them smile even for a short moment is priceless. This year, I think the SM Christmas Bears of Joy campaign is a great way to share, one bear for me and one bear for a kid. Or maybe donate both of them. If possible, I would also plan to have some kids story books to give to them. We all know how important learnings are so let's also give them chance to learn some even in the simplest way we could offer. How 'bout you? How do you plan to give back to others this Christmas? 

"Perhaps the best Yuletide decoration is being wreathed in smiles."

Everyone can share their toys at any SM Department Store branches.  

"For more updates about this year's "Merry SM Christmas" campaign, visit SM's official Christmas microsite ( and follow its official social media accounts at Facebook (, Twitter (, and Instagram (; and get an insider access to all the fun happenings at SM Supermalls nationwide through Viber ( Shoppers can actively share their holiday merriments inside the SM Supermalls by posting their photos on social media and adding the hashtag #MerrySMChristmas2015."


  1. Such a nice list, I haven't done mine yet but thinking about it :)
    I'll take note of the 'papa's gifts'! xx

    She is Mary

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