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Hello with a short hair! For the past months that I wasn't so active in the blogosphere unlike before, I really miss sharing my thoughts here, to you guys. My previous job has been so demanding of my time and effort. Add to that the traffic in the city where I worked and the dorm life. My everyday life there was so new to me. Independent woman it is. 


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Sometimes I wanna be girly from head to toe, oftentimes trendy chic, classic casual when my brain is so lazy in mixing and matching, so-put-together style when I'm really in the mood, and recently now - androgynous. 


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Althea Korea just recently launched their online store to the Philippine market. Obviously from the shop's name, it is a store where all of the products are all Korean brands. Hello to the K-beauty fans! To the ulzzang fanatic out there! So, where do I start? Althea Korea gave me an opportunity to be one of their Beta Tester on their before they launch the official store site here in the Philippines. And using my credit from Althea, I actually didn't know what to buy haha 'cause I really love to try most of them. Finally, I completed my cart and my pink box arrived straight to our door house from South Korea almost 2weeks after I ordered it. You can see below the first pink box with the K-makeup stuff. And the above photo is actually my second box that has arrived just recently haha! And oh, one good thing about is that they offer big big discounts that physical stores in the mall do and Free shipping too! Visit the site now and you can have free credits for your first sign up. For now, I will not elaborate more about my haul. Maybe next time after I tried them all out. :)

PROMTIMES: Rose Quartz & Serenity

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Everyone knows that this years pantone is Rose Quartz & Serenity. And yeah, the pairing is perfect. You agree? I think pink and blue always go well together --- partners in crime. Today, I've found an online shop of mostly gowns. It's and they cater different kinds of gowns like cocktail dresses, for proms, evening dresses, and the special wedding gowns. There are lots of designs from the site and for me since I obviously want to relate my post to this year's pantone color, I choose this three bridesmaid dresses. Head on over to their website and check out their pieces. 



This is a super "better late than never" post.

Just thinking about all fun stuff to do at the place throughout the day leaving all our worries away back home. With the ever dearest friends that became a family, this is how we simply end our 2015 memories.