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STYLEWE: Ruffled Up

Woke up late and rushing to go to work? One-piece dresses like these are perfect for those times of panicking. Easy to wear, simple yet sophisticated as the cliche goes. You just have to pick the right details, the embroidery, the fabric of the dress when you're shopping. Stuck them on your closet and they'll be perfect for those panic times I've mentioned earlier. 

With that, I think StyleWe can offer you simple yet stylish dresses. It is an online store selling individual designers' clothes mainly from U.S. I've posted above some of my favorites from their collection. I choose ruffled pieces, they're perfect if you want to put up a career woman look. Agree? And aside from ruffles, sequined tops are also there to save you from those lazy days dressing up. What do you think?

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