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I'm a girl who doesn't love pink but occasionally yes it's really a lovely shade to not love too as a lady. My mom always buy pink color for my clothes, toys, and other things. I think all moms are kinda like that when they have a little girl, and blue on the other hand are only meant for the little boys. But as I grew up, I can't really fall in love with pink no matter what and I'm addicted to blue in the shade of turquoise specifically. But still I can't deny that pink shades really unleash your inner femininity no matter how it looks like. For this, my choice is soft pink. See the dresses above from Dresses Of Girl. Personally, these sophisticated dresses are my picks from many of their gown collection. It's so dreamy. You can also check some white gowns here too or you can click each of the photos above if you and my taste for gowns are the same. Thumbs up?

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