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Dreams stay big; worries stay small.
Do what you can on what you have.
This blog is owned by Queenly Tan, Filipino-Chinese who's passionate in fashion and all things beautiful, where she mostly shares her personal style. Born, raised, and living in a small town Tarlac City, Philippines, she enjoys exploring more on her sartorial trips and on how her style is evolving from her non-blogger years wherein the only color she knows was blue. Blogging had taught her many things inside and outside fashion affairs and from it she learned to give colors to her life. She believes that fashion isn't only for those who's living in a luxury life. For her, labeled or not, as long as you can smile with your eyes (and this is what smize means) and walk confidently with what you wear then that is fashion and you got the style.

"Welcome to this blog! I am more than happy to invite you to join me here to Smize With Style. Smile everyone!"